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    If you are named after a family member- your first & middle name come from:
    Name: Victoria Estelle

    If you are from the north- your hubby's first & middle names come from:
    Name: Chase Sullivan

    If your favorite number is from 0-20 you have one girl, first & middle name from:
    Name: Louisa Caroline

    If you attended a university/college you have twins (B/G) girls (first&middle) from:, boys (first&middle) from:
    Names: Harriet Dorothy & George Bertram

    If you are 20 or younger you have a boy, first and middle name from:
    Name: Marcus Lloyd

    If you like vegetables you have (B/B/B) triplets, first and middle names from:
    Names: Sullivan Brady, Redmond Donahue & Callahan Rafferty

    If you know how to swim you have (B/B/G/G) Quadruplets, boys' first and middles names from:, girls' first and middle names from:
    Names: Alfie Hamish, Jasper Duncan, Luna Neve & Lilliale Aria

    If you have a different favorite sport you have (B/B/B) triplets, boys' first and middle name from:
    Names: Charleston Raleigh, Sydney Everest & Portland Dover

    List all of your names: Victoria Estelle, Chase Sullivan, Louisa Caroline, Harriet Dorothy, George Bertram, Marcus Lloyd, Sullivan Brady, Redmond Donahue, Callahan Rafferty, Alfie Hamish, Jasper Duncan, Luna Neve, Lillale Aria, Charleston Raleigh, Sydney Everest & Portland Dover
    24 year old writer, teacher and name collector.

    Ramona June ~ Rowan Barbara ~ Audrey Rosetta ~ Zelda Felicity ~ Aphra Francine ~ Briony Auden ~ Alba Evelyn ~Tamora Fable ~Io Salome
    Oscar Louis~ Jack Stephen~ Julian Fox ~Vincent Hector~ Byron Haddox~ Basil Henry~ Franklin Wise ~ Asa Laurent~ Alastair Frederick

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    Your Name: Juliet Evangeline
    Hubby's Name: Harley Breaker

    DD: Thea Felicity
    DD/DD: Ara Jade & Nina Maeve
    DS: Dean Sander
    DD/DD/DD: Emery Scout, Teagan Harper & Dakota Presley
    DS/DS/DD/DD: Lucius Seneca, Severus Thor, Luna Aurora & Zia Sabbia
    DS/DS/DS: York Everest, Holland Memphis & Jersey Bronx

    List all of your names: Thea, Ara, Nina, Dean, Emery, Teagan, Dakota, Lucius, Severus, Luna, Zia, York, Holland & Jersey

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