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    Breastfeeding question

    So, I occasionally go hang out on a pregnancy forum and this discussion came up recently. A first-time mom innocently asked why a woman would choose to BF in public rather than just bringing a pumped bottle. The response from many, many people was that a mom should be able to BF anywhere, any time and that pumped bottles were inferior products to the breast.

    Now, I am pro-breastfeeding and have no problem with public breastfeeding, but. I DO think there are some places and times when it just isn't appropriate and you should plan accordingly to step out and feed baby elsewhere.

    I'm curious about whether I am deeply in the minority (as I appeared to be on the other forum.) What are you comfortable with yourself?

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    I'm not a mom myself, but I have thought about this before. I agree that mothers should be able to breastfeed their babies in public. It's a completely natural thing and there shouldn't be anything inappropriate or weird about it. However, I think in some situations it's more tasteful to step out of the room or at the very least cover up. It is possible to breastfeed in public without flashing your breasts around at everyone. I personally wouldn't be shocked or offended because nudity isn't something that bothers me. I know that not everyone is comfortable with it though, and that is something that every mother breastfeeding in public needs to take into consideration.

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    I think that when baby wants to be fed then a baby should be fed regardless of where that is. Some babies won't drink from bottles. Some women have reasons for not wanting to use bottles. Whatever. That part doesn't matter to me. I can't think of any situation where I would find it inappropriate. I think people are uncomfortable with it because breasts have become sexualized. If milk came out of a finger, I don't think anyone would have a problem with it. I don't think breast-feeding mothers should be punished for this.

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    I was never very comfortable feeding my daughter in public places, but I don't see a problem with it as long as you are trying to be discrete and cover up or turn to the side some.

    I will say that once when flying on an airplane, I did bring pumped bottles because sitting that close to someone I didn't know, I wasn't comfortable putting them in that situation either. On an airplane there is really no where else that I could have gone to feed her, or that the other person can go to give me more space/privacy. If my row was filled with family or friends though I would have had no problem nursing on the plane.
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    Today I was in shul for Yom Kippur services and very discretely our rebbetzin breastfed her infant daughter. I must say we have come a long way since I breastfed my daughter twenty-six years ago. Then I was in a lounge provided for publishers at the Bologna Book Fair and discretely breastfeeding my daughter when my boss came in and demanded that I go do "that" in the bathroom, which was extremely unsanitary. Happily, I don't think that would happen today. As long as you are covered, you should be able to breastfeed wherever, whenever. Especially when the relationship is new, switching from breast to bottle to breast can disrupt the breastfeeding technique. I still can't imagine why anyone chooses to bottle feed to begin with, when science and nature both agree breastfeeding is best for the baby and the mother.

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