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    Dec 2012

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    Jun 2012
    DW: Katya Danica
    DH: Luke Leo

    DS: Calvin Lazslo
    DD/DD: Anna Charlotte/ Eva Paula
    DD: Ellie Arden
    DS/DS/DD/DD: Jasper Wyatt/ Hudson Thomas/ Justine Lilac/ Margot Bridget
    DS: Stone Romeo

    Luke & Katie with Cal, Nanna, Eve, Ellie, Jazz, Huds, Tina, Maggy & Stone

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    Apr 2013
    1. If your first name finishes with a vowel, your first & middle names come from:
    Marisol Natalya

    2. If you have a partner, DH's first & middle names come from:
    Philip Timothy

    3. If you have ever dyed/highlighted your hair, you have a boy.
    Quincy Solomon

    4. If you are wearing a necklace, you have G/G twins
    Priscilla Claire & Molly Josephine

    5. If your favourite gemstone is sapphire, ruby or emerald you have a boy.
    Jude Hudson

    6. If you haven't been to Africa or Asia, you have B/G twins.
    Scarlett Delilah & Milo Sebastian

    7. If your favourite drink is fizzy (e.g. coca cola, lemonade, fanta), you have a boy.
    Maxwell Jett

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    May 2013
    Name: Amelia Imogen Whitfield
    DH: Nathaniel Luke Whitfield

    DD1: Lydia Catherine Whitfield
    DS1/DS2: James Matthew & Alexander Joseph Whitfield
    DD2: Madeleine Eve Whitfield
    DS3/DD3: Sebastian Asher & Delilah June Whitfield
    DD4: Katarina Mia Whitfield

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