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    New York.
    DW: Sylvie Katherine
    DH: William David

    DD: Elodie Jane.

    1. If your favorite color is blue or green, you have B/B twins, Bailey Jack & Charlie Sam.

    2. If you like Italian food the best, you have B/G/G triplets, Rhett Linus, Wilhelmina Louise, & Freya Suzette.

    3. If you have brown hair, you have G/G/G/G Quads, Lila Scarlett, Sadie Clementine, Ruby Olive, & Stella Violet.

    4. If you are under 25, you have all girl quintuplets, Vienna Holland, Louisiana England, Sonora Ireland "Norah", Olympia Sicily, & Indiana Verona.

    5. If you are barefoot you have all girl sextuplets, Kaelyn Ophelia, Kaidence Jane, Kinsey Athena, Kimber Eloise, Kinley Josephine, & Keira Lily.

    6. If you are in the Western Hemisphere you have octuplets, seven boys and one girl, Declan Milo, Beckett Henry, Everett Luke, Emmett Jude, Holden Levi, Jasper Owen, Sawyer Luke, & Lucy Charlotte.

    Elodie, Bailey, Charlie, Rhett, Wilhelmina, Freya, Lila, Sadie, Ruby, Stella, Vienna, Louisiana, Norah, Olympia, Indiana, Kaelyn, Kaidence, Kinsey, Kimber, Kinley, Keira, Declan, Beckett, Everett, Emmett, Holden, Jasper, Sawyer, & Lucy.

    Charlie Elizabeth | Eliot Lucie | Finlay Maeve | Lennon Grace | Maisie Larkin | Sadie Jane
    Amelie Rose | Ezri Madeline | Lily Harper | Olive Katherine | Violet Wren

    Aidan Christopher | Brady Miller/William | Charlie Bennett | Finlay Andrew | Greyson David | Milo Bennett | Ronan James
    Ciaran Ellis | Jackson Paul | Jonah Lachlan | Julian Beau | Levi Declan | Ryder Bailey | Waylon Brooks

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    My name: Eve Rebecca
    DH's name: Kieran William

    DD: Juno Reverie
    DS/DS: Eli Gus and Fred Harry
    DS/DD/DD: Guthrie Cyrus, Zora Calliope and Hero Maybelle
    DS/DD/DD/DD: Bowie Linus, Finn Bianca, Aubrey Elvira and Alva Blake
    DD/DD/DD/DD/DD: Memphis Harlem "Mem", Odessa Lourdes "Odie", Delphi Alabama, Indiana Oslo "Indi" and Reno Sonora "Ren"
    DD/DD/DD/DD/DD/DD: Kai Sadie, Kalindi Clover, Kamila Ziggy "Mila", Keira Lily, Kimber Alice and Knox Eloise
    DS/DS/DS/DS/DD/DD/DD/DD: Jasper Everett, Milo Sawyer, Asher Jackson, Henry Silas, Leonora Sophia "Nora", Lilac Arabella, Lucia Josephine "Sia" and Luna Clementine

    My children are Juno, Eli, Fred, Guthrie, Zora, Hero, Bowie, Finn, Aubrey, Alva, Mem, Odie, Delphi, Indi, Ren, Kai, Kalindi, Mila, Keira, Kimber, Knox, Jasper, Milo, Asher, Henry, Nora, Lilac, Sia and Luna.

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    Girls: Ella, Amelia, Freya, Charlotte, Sophia, Chloe, Isabella, Madeline, Hannah, Eleanor.

    Boys: Isaac, Oscar, Theodore, Jacob, Noah, Zachary, Nathaniel, Lucas, Edward, Zane.

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    This was totally unrealistic but so much fun! I love picking girls names

    Your Name: Vera Iris Jakeman
    His Name: Abel Dominic Jakeman

    You have one singleton child with a gender of your choice. Their name should be your favorite name.
    Gender: Boy
    Name: August James

    1. If your favorite color is pink or purple you have G/G twins. First and middle names come from:
    Harlow Kate
    Tallulah Mae

    2. If you like Chinese food the best, you have G/G/G triplets. First and middle names come from:
    Angelina Arden
    Aurelia Alexa
    Avery Antonia

    3. If you have blonde hair, you have B/G/G/G Quads. First and middle names come from:
    Linus Finnian
    Elvira Blake
    Bianca Gwynn
    Aubrey Blanche

    4. If you are under 25, you have all girl quintuplets. First and middle names come from:
    Holland Verona
    Genoa Bristol
    Palma Samara
    Odessa Nevis
    Elba Manila

    5. If you are barefoot you have all girl sextuplets. First names come from: Middle names come from:
    Khloe Rio
    Kyla Prudence
    Karmen Ophelia
    Kimora Quinn
    Kennedy Jane
    Karina Daisy

    6. If you are in the Western Hemisphere you have octuplets, genders are your choice. Girls first and middle names come from: Girls middle names come from: Boys first and middle names come from:
    Isaac Sebastian
    Lincoln Jude
    Milo Preston
    Beckett Sawyer
    Lilac Georgina
    Leona Sophia
    Lydia Margaret
    Lucy Cordelia

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