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    DW: Eleanor Sage 'Nell'
    DH: Augustus James 'Auggie'

    You have one singleton child with a gender of your choice. Their name should be your favorite name
    Gender: Girl
    Name: Isobel Jean

    DS/DD: Emerson Beckett & Ellington Bronte
    DS/DS/DD: August Calvin, Levi Noah, & Bridget Poppy
    DD/DD/DD/DD: Hazel Iris, Matilda Olive, Flora Ione, & Stella Edie
    DD/DD/DD/DD/DD: Avalon Calais, Delphi Corsica, Holland Lourdes, Ireland Palma, Samara Odessa
    DS/DS/DS/DD/DD/DD: Kai Sterling, Kolton Ash, Konnor Slate, Karoline Ginger, Klara Mauve, & Kordelia Blue
    DS/DS/DS/DS/DS/DD/DD/DD: Ezra Levi, Josiah Henry, Micah Landon, Sebastian Jude, Silas Tristan, Leila Carlotta, Lavinia Colette, & Luna Josephine
    Hannah, 17. Teenberry, story writer, story reader, Slytherin, human rights activist, and name nerd since 10.

    Current Fictional Character: Deveraux Culpepper

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    [FONT=Times New Roman]
    [COLOR="#66cc33"]Ignatius - Jasper - Hugo - Edmund - Henry - Oliver - Rupert - Felix - Percy - August - Atticus - Amias - Otto - Barnaby - Arthur - Ezra - Hector - Charles[/COLOR]
    [COLOR="#cc99cc"]Antigone - Hermione - Harriet - Cordelia - Violet - Persephone - Beatrice/Beatrix - Clementine - Ottilie - Florence - Octavia - Drusilla - Agnes - Ida - Matilda - Xanthe[/COLOR]

    [SIZE=1]Previously ebonyeden[/SIZE]

    [RIGHT][SIZE=1]avatar is my 8th great grandmother.[/SIZE][/RIGHT][/font]

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    LN: Black
    Your name: Waverly Jayde
    DH: Calvin Porter

    You have one singleton child with a gender of your choice. Their name should be your favorite name
    Gender: Girl
    Name: Willow Bellatrix

    1. If your favorite color is blue or green, you have B/B twins. First and middle names come from:
    Names: Wylie Mack & Eli Rooney

    2. If you like Chinese food the best, you have G/G/G triplets.
    Names: Aurelia Avery, Audrey Anastasia & Arianna Avalon

    3. If you have black hair, you have B/B/B/G Quads.
    Names: Jude Donovan, Hudson Cruz, Zane Matteo & Violet Siena

    4. If you are under 25, you have all girl quintuplets.
    Names: Bristol Sicily, Marbella Holland, Sydney Catalina, Samara Venice & India Albany

    5. If you are barefoot you have all girl sextuplets.
    Klaire Iris, Khloe Athena, Keira Genesis, Kamila Jane, Kenzie & Karina Quinn

    6. If you are in the Western Hemisphere you have octuplets, genders are your choice.
    Leona Josephine, Liza Juliet, Milo Isaiah, Declan Sebastian, Jasper Miles, Levi Xavier, Gabriel Wyatt & Holden Elijah

    The Black family:
    Everly Jayde
    Calvin Porter
    Willow Bellatrix
    Wylie Mack
    Eli Rooney
    Aurelia Avery
    Audrey Anastasia
    Arianna Avalon
    Jude Donovan
    Hudson Cruz
    Zane Matteo
    Violet Siena

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