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    Jameson for boy or girl? And does it make you want to drink?


    My husband and I are expecting our first baby and we don't know what we're having. Both our dads are named James and we always wanted to name our first son James. However, my husband's brother is also James and while I really want to honor our dads, I'd like to give our son a unique name. Also, who knows if we're going to have a son. I'm beginning to think Jameson might be nice for a girl too. So, my questions:

    - Jameson for a boy. Cute or does it make you think of whiskey?
    - Jameson for a girl - will she be tortured her whole life or is it sweet?



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    Jameson is my brother's name. People never think of the drink. Jameson would NOT be good for a girl. My brother was named Jameson because my mom wanted James, and my dad didn't so they compromised on Jameson. My brother goes by Jamie and he loves his name. I would definitely recommend it for a boy, but, again, NOT for a girl! I think Jameson would be a great way to honor your family members.

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    I like Jameson, but only for a boy. I strongly dislike male names on females. That being said, I don't think that a girl named Jameson would be particularly tortured, but she may face some animosity for her obviously masculine name. Jameson would be delightful on a little boy, and we can help you find something equally delightful and meaningful for a girl.
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    I love Jameson for a boy but think it's truly awful for a girl. For a girl, I would suggest using either using Jamie or picking another name all together.

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    Jameson for a boy. To masculine sounding for a girl to carry.
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