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Thread: Nervous??!

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    My baby girl is due on February 15th, and I'm nervous that I won't be a good mother, and I'm also a bit nervous about the birth, as I am going all natural!
    Any tips?
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    I think these are all normal fears. I can't give you much advice in regards to the natural birth (since I opted for an epidural and was very happy with my decision), but just keep in mind that many women decide to and are able to do this. I'd read up on coping strategies for labor - maybe even attend a birthing class that focuses on natural births. In terms of being a good mother, I still worry about this and I'm pregnant with my 4th child. I just try to take it one day and one situation at a time. If I don't like how I handled something, I try to decide out how I would want to handle it in the future and try to come up with a strategy that might help me do it differently. Being a parent is a learning process that never seems to end.

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    If you want a natural birth, the best way to achieve that is to have a provider who is supportive of your decision. In general, midwives are usually better for that than OBs. I have had 3 unmedicated births (2 at home) and the best thing you can do is believe in your body and that you can do it. Birthing from Within is a great book to help mentally prepare yourself. I also recently discovered a blog called Mama Birth that has some great resources and positive birth stories on it.

    As for being a good mother, you will figure it all out. The best thing you can do is love your baby with all your heart. As long as you do that, everything will fall into place.

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    I recommend the book The Doula Guide to Birth. It gave lots of information on positions and natural techniques to reduce pain. The best advice I can give is to have a plan but to be flexible because in the moment needs can change. I had planned on having an epidural but ended up going without (and was ultimately glad I did). Obviously the most important thing is that you end up with a healthy baby!
    As for being a good mother... I'm still working on that one. Taking things one day at a time.
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