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    Infants and Television

    Many parenting books recommend no television exposure for children 0-2, something about the synapses connecting in the brain. My husband, however, thinks I must be crazy to believe this and says it is perfectly fine for our four and a half month son to watch TV.

    Well, fellow parents, what are your opinions on babies watching TV?

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    Re: Infants and Television

    I've never intentionally had my kids watch tv at less than a year. Occasionally the tv was on while they were in the room but they never paid much attention to it. (Though I've read even that isn't ideal.) I wish I could say that I didn't let them watch any tv until they were two but I'd be lying. lol. (I tend to agree with the parenting books that no tv until at least two is the best though.)

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    Re: Infants and Television

    I had a professor (Ivy League college) who had some pretty compelling evidence about the brain synapses and tv during those early years - links to ADD/ADHD/attention span issues as well as behavior/social issues. It was enough to convince me that there is NO reason to allow my children to watch TV until much later (I'd prefer 3, although I admit that my 2 year old is watching with her older brothers now).

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    Re: Infants and Television

    My daughter didn't watch tv until she was 2. It wasn't too hard because 1) she doesn't have older siblings who were watching and 2) less than two (and only barely now at three) don't really have an interest in sitting down to watch tv - or at least mine didn't! To me, if there's any evidence that it's harmful at all and it isn't hard to avoid, it's worth it.

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    Re: Infants and Television

    Hmm well while it probably wouldnt hurt to avoid TV, my three nephews do not seem affected in anyway by watching tv at an early age. The youngest loved those baby einstein dvds, so we would sit him in front of the tv and turn them on. Probably wasnt the best form of entertainment, but when you have three kids you get a bit desperate at times. I will say that he is the smartest kid I know, and that is no exageration or biased on my part. I'll chock it up to good genes though and not perfect parenting :P
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