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    L.M. Montgomery and Other Hero Initials

    I recently finished the journal of L.M. Montgomery, the author of the Anne of Green Gables series.While reading, I realized that she is often referred to as L.M. Montgomery, but her full name is Lucy Maud Montgomery (swoonworthy, but you'd think Maud would be spelled with an e at the end). Nonetheless, she is a hero to me, and I have been thinking of ways to refer to Lucy Maud by using her more familiar initials. Some ideas I had were:
    Lillian Margaret
    Liona Maxine
    Luella Mozelle
    Lucinda Meade (kind of like a more romantic version of Lucy Maud)

    I think it's a nice subtle way to honor a hero who is often known by two initials. For example, a big Harry Potter fan could use any combination of J and K to honor the creator of their favorite book.What do you think? Also, what more combination of L and M could be made?

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    What fun! I think this is a neat and subtle way to honor someone you admire. Your combinations each have a different feel about them, but they all work. I think my favorites are Lillian Margaret and Liona Maxine, but I also love the name Lucinda.

    A few suggestions: Luna Maeve, Lavinia Mabel, and Lux Magdalene

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