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    Do you like the name Madeleine?

    I like the name pronounced "MAD-deh-lyn" but I don't like the more contemporary spelling "Madelyn". And to me Madeline should be pronounced "MAD-deh-line".

    Will people have trouble pronouncing or spelling Madeleine?

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    I have a friend named Madeleine with the same pronunciation and she is mistaken for Madeline, but once corrected people usually get it right.

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    Cair Paravel :)
    I love Madeleine! This weekend it's jumped up farther on my list because I realized it has all the letters of my sister's MN, just jumbled up (Eileen--madELEINE...). I seriously considered Eleni Madeleine, but I don't think the flow is very good. I still could use Madeleine, nn Eleni/Leni, but I just like Eleni more. I've thought about seeing if I can fit Madeleine somewhere else on my list. I really like it.

    I haven't really asked for opinions in the "real world", but on baby name sites I've heard people complain about how much they prefer Madelyn/Madalyn because it's so much more obvious, and that they don't have a clue how to say Madeleine. Madeline? Mad-uh-LANE? Mad-uh-lyn? I don't see how it could be so complicated, lol, but I took French for two years and I love studying languages and names. I wrote the name down once at work, and I told my boss how to say it, because I figured it would be a problem, haha, and he was like, "Oh, okay." It wasn't his first thought (Madeline was), but it wasn't that big of a deal. I don't think it'd be a huge deal in real life, either...

    Good luck!
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    i love it i don't think it would cause more confusion then a "typical" name

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    Love the name, but don't like the popularity right now. I think your pronunciation is more typical so hopefully you will avoid pronunciation difficulties.

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