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Thread: Eira?

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    Just wondering about your general thoughts/opinions of Eira, and if you could kindly answer these...

    1) How did you pronounce it as soon as you saw it? I'm in love with both ay-rah and eye-rah. As far as I'm aware... they're both legitimate, with eye-rah being the more common. Which do you prefer? I think I slightly prefer ay-rah. Do you think eye-rah would be confused with Ira?

    2) Most sources agree that it's Welsh, although I've always thought it was Irish (coming from the word 'Eire'). Do you think it would be strange to use a Welsh name even though I have absolutely no Welsh blood?

    3) Middle names. My favourite has been Eira Rosemary (Rosemary honouring) but I feel the ra and ro sound run into each other. However, I can't find a 3rd middle name I love. Eira Amelie Rosemary? Eira Pearl Rosemary? I don't know.

    4) I've grown up with a fairly common name that almost 100% of people know of and can spell, so I don't know what it's like to have to constantly spell out my name to people, but I can imagine it could get fairly frustrating. Would a little Eira have this problem?

    Sorry for my ramblings (: Thank you x
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    1. I would say it AY-ruh. Saying it EYE-ruh makes me think of the male name Ira! They probably would get confused.
    2. If you really love it, go for it.
    3. Eira Rosemary looks lovely on paper, but it's hard to say. Eira Lillian; Eira Madeleine; Eira Delphine
    4. I think it depends on the girl's personality if she'd get frustrated or not. Some people would love having an uncommon name, others might dislike it.
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    1. I prefer the a-rah pronunciation. I agree that eye-rah would get mistaken for Ira all the time.
    2. I don't think it really matters if you're Welsh or not. I'm in the US though, so maybe it makes a difference in theUK?
    3. I think Eira Rosemary sounds fine. Even if there is a little running together of r's, it's not like you'll be constantly calling her by her first and middle name. I think flow between first and last name is probably a lot more important.
    4. I don't have any experience with having to spell my name out for people but I have a friend with an unusual first name and I know that she gets tired of having to spell it out for people or having it mistaken for a common name with a similar sound. I think a little Eira would run into spelling pronunciation problems, so I guess it just depends on whether you think the name is worth the hassle. On the plus side, if you have a really common last name, then an unusual first name might be an advantage.

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