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    Your name: Laura Madeline
    Husbands name: Joel Peter
    Where do you live:
    If you live in a state starting with the letters K-Q, then you live in New York.
    Where do you live: Buffalo, NY

    After livng with your husband for 3 years, you and (HUSBANDS NAME) start to try having kids. Succsess!
    -If your favorite flavor of icecream is chocolate then you have boy/girl twins, boys first and middle names from:
    girls first and middle names from:
    Name/s: Archer Mason & Harriet Kate

    When your fist child/children are 2 and a half years old you and your husband decide to have more kids.You are so excited when you find out your pregnant with multiples!
    - if you are in any grade higher or done with school, then you have octuplets.Girls names from: Boys names from:
    Names: Charlotte Aspen, Poppy Leigh, Evie Jane, Georgia Penny, Lulu Gemma, Rory Savannah, Ali Madeline & Gabriel Gage

    While pregnant with your next children, you find out that your sister and her husband have died in a sudden car crash. They leave their two children with you.
    What are their names: Milla Claire & Aiden Henry

    7 months into your pregnancy, you feel sharp pains in your stomach and are rushed to the hospital.You end up having an emergency c-section.All babies are born healthy and happy.

    Laura & Joel

    Archer & Harriet- 5

    Charlotte & Poppy -2 (2 of the octuplets)

    Evie & Georgia - 2 (2 of the octuplets)

    Lulu, Rory, Ali & Gabriel- 2 (the other 4 octuplets)

    Milla (5) & Aiden (9)
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