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    Elaine Victoria and Elaine Margaret are both lovely.

    In response to your question about mns for Marie/Estelle/Nicole...I knew a Marie Frances once.
    Also, Nicole Kidman's middle name is Mary, Nicole Richie's mn is Camille. I don't know a Nicole IRL.
    Veronika, Stephen, & Annora Josephine

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    Thanks so much for your help! I'll have to sit with some of these. Of the suggestions, I really like the following:

    Elaine Margaret
    Elaine Genevieve
    Elaine Imogen
    Elaine Victoria
    Elaine Audrey
    Elaine Matilda
    Elaine Lucille
    Elaine Catherine
    Elaine Felicity
    Elaine Vivian

    I especially want to like Elaine Victoria, but something about Victoria has always felt snooty to me. Does anyone have any other ideas? I'd love to pick your brain!

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