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    Lend me your wonderful ideas: middle name for Elaine?

    Elaine _____ ?

    We love the name Elaine, nn Ellie/Lainey/Lane, but are really struggling with a middle name. The unstressed-stressed pattern throws me off completely, and I have no clue where to start. What kinds of middle names do you think flow nicely with names like Elaine? What kinds of middle names do people with names like Nicole/Estelle/Marie have? Any help is appreciated!

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    Elaine is beautiful and I love all of the nickname possibilities ok so middle names:

    Elaine Pearl
    Elaine Grace
    Elaine Margaret
    Elaine Alice
    Elaine Morgan

    Best of luck!

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    The reason people typically put Marie, Nicole and Elaine in the middle is because of their rare stress pattern. This means that you can put almost any name in the middle.

    Elaine Beatrice
    Elaine Felicity
    Elaine Josephine
    Elaine Penelope
    Elaine Claire
    Elaine Olivia
    Elaine Vivian
    Elaine Lucille
    Elaine Catherine
    Elaine Tabitha
    Elaine Naomi
    Elaine Greer

    I'm finding that 3 syllable names tend to have the best flow with Elaine. Good luck! Elaine is a gorgeous name and one of my favorites!
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