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    Your name is Reinette and you're a 21 year old Victoria's Secret supermodel living in Malibu, California. You were discovered at a Los Angeles shopping mall when you were 16 and signed a contract with Victoria's Secret when you were 18. You live in a glamorous beach house by yourself, where you host extravagant parties with only the A-list of Hollywood attend. You are currently dating a hotshot actor named Zac, who is due to star in the next blockbuster and was labeled one of the most eligible bachelors in the USA.

    What color hair do you have? Roll the dice
    1: brown

    What color eyes do you have? Roll the dice
    6: any color you want- brown

    How tall are you? Roll the dice
    5 or 6: 5'8

    What does your beach house look like? Roll the dice
    5 or 6:

    You host a New Year's Eve party at your place and it gets a little out of much so that the cops are called and it's plastered on the front page of "People" magazine, a topic of gossip for over a month. And, to top it all off, a week after the party you find out you're pregnant. Your boyfriend is commitment-phobic and you know he's not the only guy you're seeing. Plus, a pregnancy will ruin your career. You see only one option: get an abortion.

    But a few days after it's done, you begin to feel awful. You can't sleep at night, you're barely eating, and you have nightmares about a baby crying. You start doing drugs and drink a lot. When you show up hungover to a photo shoot, you're fired right on the spot and your boss has you sent into court-order rehab. While you're there, your therapist asks you when this started. You break down and tell her you had an abortion, which you haven't told anyone about. Your therapist tells you that the self-destructive behavior is you subconsciously expressing your guilt over the abortion. After some thought, you agree with her.

    You're in rehab for six months and are let out when you fully recover. You decide you can't stay in Malibu, but you're not sure of where to go. Your mom, Arista, died when you were nine years old and your father, Philip, took off with his mistress to Europe when you were 19 and you haven't heard from him since. You decide to locate your mother's family, whom you haven't seen in years, and find out your mom's sister, your aunt Rose, is still living in your mom's home state.

    Where does your aunt live? Roll the dice
    4: Miami, Florida

    You sell your beach house and move to Miami. The first thing you do is go to your aunt's house. She answers the door and you're tongue-tied. You manage to introduce yourself and say you're her sister's daughter. She smiles and says that she knows, and that you look just like your mom. She invites you inside and you spend the afternoon with her at her house.

    Within 2 months of moving to Miami, you've bought you're own apartment and are planning to go back to school at University of Miami. You've become friends with your aunt, Rose, and her husband, John, whom have two kids, Mickey and Donna. You also meet your mom's brother, Frank, his wife Laura, and their three kids, Alex, Brendon, and Charlotte. You're closest to Donna and Charlotte. You're even a bridesmaid at Lottie's wedding.

    What does your bridesmaid's dress look like? Roll the dice

    A few months after the wedding, you start your first semester of your freshman year at university. You've decided to pursue your secret passion and major in Biomedical Engineering. Charlotte's spouse, Dan, is a graduate student at the same university you'll be attending and he helps you as you get your feet wet as an undergraduate student. He is also the one who introduces you to a friend of theirs who is a smart, handsome graduate student, majoring in Communications. His name is Adam.

    What color hair does he have? Roll the dice
    6: dark brown

    What color eyes does he have? Roll the dice
    4: hazel

    How tall is he? Roll the dice
    1 or 2: 6'1

    You become friends with Adam and are soon falling head over heels for him. One year after you've met him, the two of you are dating.

    To be continued.....

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