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    Sibset of 4! (with namebank of current favourites)

    Create a sibset of 4, any age and any genders (e.g. Two of each, 4 boys, 4 girls etc etc). Then use the namebank below to pick names- first and middle, or two+ middle names if you want. Any combination! Even add parents, looks or personality or a storyline if you fancy!

    Archie, Beckett, Charles, Edward, Freddie, Hanes, Henry, Jasper, Lucas, Maximilian, Oliver, Owen, William

    Addison, Annabel, Astrid, Cara, Cassidy, Cecilia, Eloise, Emilia, Esme, Evangeline, Fleur, Harriet, Isobel, Ivy, Kate, Sofia

    Harriet, mother of 4 (almost 5!)

    Oliver Augustin 24/11/06

    Evangeline Ivy 04/03/08

    Fleur Eloise 08/10/09

    Maximilien Lucas 17/02/12

    Baby 5 DUE 01/06/14

    Aida Astrid Cecily Cecilia Celina Clementine Coralie Cordelia Eloise Elsa Evangeline Felicity Flavie Fleur Ivy Lavinia Lux Poppy Romilly Rosalie

    Augustin Cassian Cassius Caspian Casper Charles Hugo James Jasper Lucas Lucien Lucius Magnus Maximilien Oliver William

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    Boys: Nicholas, Elliot, Arthur, Griffin, Alexander, Zachary, Russell, Collin, Lucas, Liam

    Girls: Emma, Caroline, Jamie, Anna, Alessia, Savannah, Valentina, Audrey, Georgia, Liliana, Julia, Lucía

    Guilty pleasures: Solenne, Azalea, Kaia, Tawny, Aziza, Zinnia, August, Bailey, Lachlan, Caspian

    Emma Caroline born 12/10/15

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    Pandora Valencia FaeCaspian Sherlock WalterArtemis Clio ElizabethPtolemy Lysander George
    Horatio Phoenix Arthur • Nikolai Emrys Altair • Artemus Dorian Hugo • Prosper William Kit
    "'Mycroft' is the name you gave me; if you could possibly struggle all the way to the end."

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