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    What would a child look like named....

    This thread is about your creativity and imagination! What you do is say a name. Then, the next person would write what they think a child/person with that name would look like and/or the personality of the person.

    I will start off.

    What would a child named Leander Jett look like?

    Answer down below, and let your imagination soar!
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    Leander Jett has auburn hair with green eyes. He loves reptiles and will grow up to become a zoologist.

    Jolie Corinne?
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    Jolie Corinne has dark brown hair with bright blue eyes. She is caring and eventually becomes a childrens nurse.

    Nico Sebastian?
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    Nico is a petite mischievous boy with dirty blonde hair and blue eyes. He grows up to be an Italian outdoors TV chef.

    Evie Rose?
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    Evie Rose is a little girl with long, skinny legs, blonde curls, and light blue eyes with flecks of green. She's very shy, but sweet and friendly.

    Katherine Joy, nn Kate?


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