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  • Winter Katherine - 'Winter Kate'

    10 19.61%
  • Autumn Katherine - 'Autumn Kate'

    9 17.65%
  • Maeve Katherine

    11 21.57%
  • Iris Katherine

    11 21.57%
  • Maeve Rowan

    6 11.76%
  • Autumn Maeve

    4 7.84%
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    A Foray into more 'Mainstream' Names for me

    Did a game on another board and was interested to see some more 'mainstream' combos really catching my eye, especially since I've been drawn to more dramatic names lately.

    I love Katherine but don't think I could use it as a first name as it is too popular and will probably be more so soon. Maeve is a fave of mine as well. But which combos would you choose if you had to pick one? Which don't work?

    Autumn Katherine/ Katherine Autumn
    Winter Katherine/ Katherine Winter
    Iris Katherine/ Katherine Iris
    Maeve Katherine
    Maeve Rowan
    Autumn Maeve
    Willow Maeve - couldn't use this with DD's name, but like it.
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    I voted for Winter Katherine, but I much prefer Winter Kate as a given name.

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    I really like Maeve Katherine.

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    I LOVE Winter Kate, so so beautiful and classy!
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    My vote is for Maeve Rowan! I think it flows the best and it is a beautiful name. I like all your options though. Good luck!

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