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Thread: Matilda?

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    Great minds think alike. Matilda Jane is the name we have picked out if we have a girl. I completely understand about your concerns, and the aren't unwarranted.
    1. Some people may assume the nickname would be Matty. But they will change when they hear you call her Tilly, or after you correct them.
    2. With this new wave of vintage names, Matilda probably won't feel out of place in her class. My 3 year old has a Vera and Beatrice in her preschool class, and I think Matilda fits right in. Also, I've always found that the person makes the name. If she isn't taken seriously, it won't be because of her name.
    3. It might not be as widely accepted in the U.S. as in other countries, but that's no reason not to use it. Since America has a blending of so many different cultures, there are a wide range of name styles being used.

    Lydia and Tabitha are equally lovely. However, I think Lola and Lydia sound a bit too similar. Lola and Matilda are delightful together.
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    Matilda Jane would be a great sister for Lola Charlotte. Tabitha Jane or Tabitha Mae would be other options. I'm not too crazy about Lydia and Lola.
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    I think Matilda is quite charming and it would be my highest vote out of what you've suggested.

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    I adore Matilda! I love the nickname Mattie, too. Tabitha and Lydia are also pretty though.

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    If you call her Tilly, most people will go along with it. (This is my prefered nickname for Matilda too.) There might be that rare exception in there (like a stubblorn MIL, for example) but it seems that most people are very agreeable about using the nickname that you want.

    I think Matilda is a beautiful, versatile name. I don't see any reason why she wouldn't be taken seriously with it. It might not be very common in the US at the moment, but, IMO, it seems to be catching on.

    It's my favorite name of your three. I also really like Lydia.

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