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Thread: Matilda?

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    we currently trying to conceive after a miscarriage a few months ago and already have our boy name ready and have fallen in love with Matilda for a girl... But we are worried about a few things...
    1. People using the NN Matty instead of Tilly which we LOVE
    2. That as an adult or even in high school she wouldn't be taken seriously? Is this silly?
    3. That in the US this name isn't as widely accepted as it is in other contries?
    Middle name would either be Mae or Jane.. We have an 18mth old named Lola Charlotte... A few other names in the running are



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    I love Matilda and Tabitha. I think that they're both feminine and strong at the sane time.

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    I love Matilda! To ease your worries:
    1. I've found that most people are pretty accepting of the nickname you want. A couple of corrections is all it takes.
    2. I see no reason why a high school or adult Matilda wouldn't be taken seriously. And it's not silly to worry about it. Giving someone a name they're going to spend the rest of their lives using is a serious job.
    3. Matilda isn't as popular in the US as other countries, BUT that doesn't mean it isn't as accepted. Also, the fact that it isn't as popular here is a really good thing...means she won't be Matilda X. or whatever in her class.

    Matilda Jane and Lola Charlotte go really well together.

    Lydia and Tabitha are also great choices. Hope this helps.
    Veronika, Stephen, & Annora Josephine

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    I'm sorry to hear about your loss, but congrats on TTC again.
    1. I think if you use the nn Tilly first off, when other people hear you use it, they will fall in line. At least I always look to the parent to see what nickname they use, if any, before I use one.
    2. Matilda isn't the kind of name I think you have to worry about with this concern, it is completely lovely and respectable.
    3. Even though it's not as common in the US, I think it is a hidden jem.
    Lola Charlotte is a gorgeous name and would look great with a Matilda Jane or Matilda Mae.

    Best wishes!
    amandaberry :-)

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    Congratulations on both the baby and your excellent taste, because Matilda, Lydia and Tabitha and are all completely fabulous. Lola is adorable as well.
    I agree that when people hear you use Tilly as a nickname they will follow suit. I don't see why people wouldn't take her seriously, I think Matilda works for both a bright little girl (Matilda Wormwood, anyone?) and a powerful woman. It's recognizable but not mainstream, and I think it will be a fantastic choice!

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