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    Scarlett too similar to Charlotte?

    My husband and I had some names picked out that I thought we were pretty set on using. We had our ultrasound this week and found out we are having a girl. We are excited but now that we know for sure what we are having we are also having second thoughts on our name choices so we decided to come up with a few new ones. I've come across Scarlett a lot and I think it's adorable and would fit with our last name. The only problem is that my MIL's name is Charlotte and I think the names might sound too much the same. So I need opinions do you think Charlotte and Scarlett are too similar?

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    Well, it's not like they'll be siblings called Charlotte and Scarlett, is it? As long as your MIL doesn't live with you, I think it would be fine. If you like the name then go for it!
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    I'm confused. Do you have another child with the name Charlotte or do you plan to use it for your daughter's middle name with Scarlett? MIL named Charlotte...I don't see the connection. Maybe if your name is Charlotte and you have Scarlett it might sound annoying to say all the time together (Hi this is Scarlett and I'm Charlotte), but i can also see other families finding this charming and having daughters with these two names. She will most likely call the MIL grandma. I see some similar letters and you can say it reminded you of Charlotte and you wanted to honor grandma.

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    I'm pregnant with a girl that we are naming Scarlett I love the name, obviously.

    I don't think your mil being Charlotte and you having a Scarlett is a big deal. Siblings, yes. Grandmother and grandaughter, no.

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    I like Scarlett but I think it's too close to Charlotte. Sorry.

    Edit: Oh Mylanta! I have severe pregnant brain syndrome today! Sorry, I didn't read your post right. Scarlett and her grandma Charlotte is perfectly fine. Your MIL will probably go by Grandma, Grammie, Nana, etc. so everything will be fine. Sorry for the confusion.
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