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    How do "you" pronounce Mila?

    Mee-lah or My-lah?

    I prefer the pronounciation of My-lah with the spelling of Mila. Are most going to assume its pronounced Mee-lah?

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    [ME-la], absolutely. I would never think to pronounce Mila or Milla as Myla [MY-la]. Mila, for me, is absolutely always [ME-la], though sometimes I fall into [MILL-a] with Milla.

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    MEE-lah, for me, too. Milla is MILL-ah to me, and Myla is MY-lah. I had a friend in college named Myla, and I just can't imagine it spelled any other way. Sorry.
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    Since the name Mila is of Slavic origin, I pronounce it "MEE-lah" like they do in Eastern Europe. I think people in English speaking countries think that it's a female version of Milo and therefore should be pronounced like "MY-lah".
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    I would absolutely say mee-la for Mila. Myla would probably be pronounced the way you want it.

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