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    Opinions on Isolde

    Our first choice was Kristen Elspeth, but when I asked people, many people said it has an 80s feel. We changed it to Eliza Clementine Felicity, but one of my friends named her newborn daughter Elisabeth. My husband doesn't care but I expect Elisabeth to be a close friend to our daughter so I don't want to use it. I'm recently in love with Isolde. When I first saw it, I thought it's such an awkward name, but now I love it. I also like its meaning fair lady and its connection to Arthurian romances and Wagnerian opera (just found it out in nameberry ) Is it such an awkward name or a beauiful choice? and I want some middle name suggestions for Isolde, too.
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    I think it's a really pretty and exotic name with such a nice pronunciation. Its also not popular which I like. You should definitely go for it. What about:

    Isolde Beatrice
    Isolde Beatrix
    Isolde Elspeth
    Isolde Clio
    Isolde Daphne
    Isolde Penelope
    Isolde Pearl
    Isolde Violet
    Isolde Maude
    Isolde Ruby
    Isolde Primrose
    Isolde Persephone
    Isolde Orchid
    Isolde Ophelia
    Isolde Juniper
    Isolde Isadora
    Isolde Hermione
    Isolde Hazel
    Isolde Florence
    Isolde Astrid
    Isolde Artemis
    Isolde Clementine

    Hope this helps

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    I really love Isolde! For middles, you could incorporate one of your other favorites and use Isolde Kristen or Isolde Clementine. Both are awesome names. Good luck!
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    I love Isolde, and I think Isolde Clementine is lovely!
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    Change it round to Isolde Kirsten, as a nod to Birgit Nilsson, who was perhaps the greatest soprano to sing the role. I was lucky enough to hear Jon Vickers sing it in NY. (The Tristan part, obviously.) Although I prefer the Iseult spelling, I think it's a great name and such a tragic story.

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