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    Quote Originally Posted by steph869 View Post
    I think Beatrix is a great name. Beatrix Scout doesn't flow well to me, though.

    What about

    Beatrix Wren
    Beatrix Finn
    Beatrix Quinn
    Beatrix Maeve
    Beatrix Poppy

    I like the suggestion of Beatrix Plum, too.
    I love your suggestion of Beatrix Maeve. That gets my vote!

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    I agree with others that Beatrix Scout doesn't flow well: it's because of consecutive "s" sounds. I'm just not a fan of Scout: I know she's a beloved literary character, but the name is masculine and juvenile. I don't like the association with Girl/Boy Scouts or the "ow" sound that is in the middle of the name.

    In To Kill a Mockingbird, Scout's real name is Jean Louise. Scout is her nn! I say if your husband likes "Scout" he should just use it as a nn. If he really loves the character, you could use Jean or Louise as a mn.

    Beatrix is lovely. Here are some thoughts on middles:
    Current top 10:
    Girls: Greta, Gwendolyn, Iris, Irene, Ida, Beatrice, Penelope, Margaret, Hattie, June
    Boys: Henry, Dean, Desmond, Gregory, Arthur, Ingram, Griffith, Russell, Orion, Martin

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    Thanks for all the great name suggestions, there are some great choices there! As a name nerd as a well book nerd I know that Scout is Jean Louise's nn. In fact, To Kill a Mockingbird wasn't the inspiration for the mn. We just thought it was cute and quirky for a little girl. My husband also suggested Beatrix, so I think he's got pretty good taste

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