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    Help with Beatrix middles!

    My husband and I have fallen in love with Beatrix for a girl but are having trouble with a middle. He loves Beatrix Scout, and I am starting to come around to it as well. Thoughts? Our tastes are all over the place so I would love to hear your suggestions. We like mixing classic names with a little unexpected middle, our son's name is Jack Champion (a family name that we loved). Thanks!

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    Beatrix is a favorite of mine! I've always loved Beatrix Chloe Anne.

    I think Beatrix is unexpected enough that you don't need to go too unfamiliar in the middle.
    Beatrix Sophie
    Beatrix Matilda
    Beatrix Teagan
    Beatrix Willa
    Beatrix Lily
    Beatrix Lilian
    Beatrix Katherine
    Beatrix June
    Beatrix Daphne
    Beatrix Pearl
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    Beatrix Persephone is lovely and this is coming from someone who doesn't really like Beatrix.
    I also second the suggestions of:
    Beatrix Delphine
    Beatrix Hermione
    Beatrix Ophelia
    Beatrix Daphne

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    I think Beatrix is a great name. Beatrix Scout doesn't flow well to me, though.

    What about

    Beatrix Wren
    Beatrix Finn
    Beatrix Quinn
    Beatrix Maeve
    Beatrix Poppy

    I like the suggestion of Beatrix Plum, too.

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