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    The birds and bees...


    So, this came up through one of my other posts... It may be a little bit personal but I was just wondering when you told your kids about sex or when you plan to? And how you did or plan to? Were you completely straight with them or did you use a particular analogy?

    We have always been straight with our 2yr old daughter about the subject. She knows where babies come from in a fair amount of detail and the difference between girl and boy parts (both of which came up when her brothers arrived!). However, we have encouraged her to only ask questions about it at home though as we know other parents wouldn't be comfortable with their little ones knowing that much.

    Just intrigued about how other people handle this subject with their kids?

    Thanks, Dahlia x

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    Re: The birds and bees...

    Hmm, I haven't had to deal with this yet, my son is not yet two. I plan to be open with him about it all though, but I guess I'll probably use analogies, I don't know. I mean, he already knows what his parts are called, but when it comes to telling him where babies come from I imagine it's hard for a little one to understand in scientific terms, but maybe not. I'm straight forward about everything else, so I guess I will be with that.

    I know that I WON'T handle it the way my parents did... Which was not ever talk about it at all. They didn't purposely make me feel embarassed, but I never felt like I could ask questions about that stuff. They never had a sex talk with me or my brother at all. I didn't even tell my mom when I got my period because she had never once mentioned it and I thought I'd get in trouble. So I will make sure he knows about things, and I'll volunteer the information, not make him ask for it. I'd rather he be the one in school who knows the truth and tells it to his friends instead of the one who thinks when a girl kisses a boy a baby comes out of her armpit (what my best friends mom always thought) or that it's impossible to have a baby if you're not married (which my very religious neighbor thought up until 8th grade... Dangerous).
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    Re: The birds and bees...

    This topic is a very interesting one in my household....I'm fairly sure my two oldest (they'll be 8 and 6 this year) understand the basics of "where babies come from" since we've had the talk with them. We've chosen not to really discuss anything with our middle daughter (almost 4) until she asks more specific questions. Haven't had the talk yet with our infants, lol. Anyway, the thing is, we're gay parents and all of our children were born through surrogacy. We couldn't really use the "well, when a mommy and daddy love each other very much..." scenario, since it doesn't apply to our family. We tried to keep our discussions as factual as possible, but since our kids were around 4-5 when they started asking questions, it was pretty difficult for them to grasp. I guess we'll see where to go from here - we have every intention of being 100% honest with our children.
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    Re: The birds and bees...

    We are a Christian family so when the time is right we will discuss the facts of life and explain what God would like us to do with our lives and selves. I honestly believe that a lot of parents give children way to much information and detail at too young of an age.
    I will probably do the same thing that my parents did with me because it worked.
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    Re: The birds and bees...

    I think it's important to give as much factual information as possible (for the level of understanding of the child) about menstruation for girls and other personal issues boys face so they are not embarrased or think something is wrong. The actual 'sex' part could be a little more vague as long as the essentials are shared - religious beliefs if any, safety, etc. But I think lyndsayjenness is right that sometimes the holes we leave out cause dangerous misperceptions for the child.

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