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    I typed a long reply to your suggestions... Alas my blackberry ate it! I'll try again on a computer!

    Thanks for all the ideas. Love the nameberry talent!!! I especially would appreciate Norwegian/Scandinavian names (with pronunciation).
    ...Mommy to James Hamilton, Silas Augustine, and Sadie Ehrhardt.
    Girls- Blythe, Adeline, Freya, Sabina, Lyla, Vesper
    Boys- Archer, Barnabas, Oliver, Gideon

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    Gudrun (good-run), Solveig (nn Sooli sp Soli), Esther, Freja, Gerda, Helge, Thordis, Tulla, Julianne, Janne, Birgit, Beret, Berte, Berentine, Ingrid, Sigrid, Signe, Sofie, Katarine, Anna, Margret, Rebeca, Maren, Mette, Marthe, Sonja, Alexandra, Maud, Karoline, Kirsten, Kjersti....
    Anything that ends in an e is pronounced with the schwa sound. Elongate the vowels with an r -- Beer-git, Gayr-da. With Ingrid and Astrid the d is not voiced. Kj is Ch, so it's Chayrsti. Best place to find modern Scandinavian names is in current crop of Scandinavian mystery writers, such as Karin Fossum and Jo Nesbo.

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