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    Sibset woes, perfect mn for Freya?

    My son is James Hamilton and part of my hang up now is that I want my sibset to have a cohesive feel. I'm liking Freya but haven't found the right mn that has the same effect Hamilton has had with James. Everyone says his name is so handsome and Presidential. How do I get that feel in a girl's name? Does Freya fit the bill? Martha Washington and Abigail Adams don't do much for me, lol. Help! Hamilton is a family name, the middle I'm considering is Ehrhardt (also family), but I feel like I'd rather go more feminine with the girl mn choices.
    ...Mommy to James Hamilton, Silas Augustine, and Sadie Ehrhardt.
    Girls- Blythe, Adeline, Freya, Sabina, Lyla, Vesper
    Boys- Archer, Barnabas, Oliver, Gideon

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    Hi! Part of what is so lovely about James Hamilton is the 1-3 rhythm and the variety of sounds at the ends and beginnings. Freya Ehrhardt is fine but besides Ehrhardt not being that feminine, the vowels run into each other the tiniest bit and they're both 2 syllables. Not the end of the world, and like James Hamilton feeling like a very coherent Anglo name, to me Freya Ehrhardt is a very coherent Germanic name, so that is sib-setty, although admittedly across two language traditions. Are there other family names that fit the bill better? 3 syllables, starting with a consonant? Some surnames that sound good to me with Freya are Freya Hathaway, Freya Dunaway, Freya Galloway, really loving those -ways with the -ey, lol : D. Any names like that?

    Some of the boys names you like really have a good rhythm with Freya: Freya Gideon and Freya Julian. Are you OK with that since they'd be in middle. Freya Gunnar and Freya Anderson don't sound as nice, but they all have that Scandinavian feel. Freya Dagny, Freya Signy, Freya Dagmar, Freya Maren, Freya Marit? All 2-2, admittedly. Scandi names are so often short!

    Freya Blythe has a nice 2-1 punch and Blythe feels nice and strong!

    Good luck and I am sure you will figure something out! Freya is a great name : D.

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    Since we have a Sonia as a Supreme Court Justice, I think we can have a tradition of non-Anglo names in positions of importance from now on. I too would go either Scandinavian or Saxon with Freya:
    Freya Solveig, my favourite, Sool-vay is how it's pronounced in Norwegian.
    Freya Kirsten
    Freya Eleanor
    Freya Enid
    Freya Blythe
    Freya Ingrid
    Freya Katharine
    Freya Tamsin/Tamasin
    Freya Alarice
    Freya Alys

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