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Thread: Urijah

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    I love the name Urijah bt it seems like alot of people dislike it?

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    Reminds me of urnine, urinal, Uranus... Yeah, not good associations. The child's classmates would have a hey day.
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    I like the name Uriah.I have never seen it spelled with a 'j' before.
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    I like the sound OK, but yes it is close to a lot of unfortunate words. Uriah is too but at least feels less made up (I'm not saying Urijah is, I don't know, but Uriah certainly feels more traditional - Urijah seems like a fusing of Uriah and Elijah) so it has more name-ness to pull it away from the word. Although Uriah feels pretty old-manny, maybe that's part of the difficulty with Urijah too. If it is invented and you're OK with that, what about Rijah? Sounds kind of tough-boy and cool to my ear. Best wishes!

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    Uriah is the male name and is more common in Israel as Uri. (There is also the angel name, Uriel.) Uriah was a captain in King David's army who was married to Bathsheba. When David saw her, he wanted her, so he sent Uriah to the front with a new post so he could take Bathsheba to wife. Uriah was killed in action, and David married Bathsheba. This is why it was Solomon, David's son, who was given the Ark to build and not David. It's a pretty sad story, Uriah having been a righteous man. Currently I have an African-American female student named Uriah, who goes by Riah.

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