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    1. Alice Ruby Matilda- I see you're from London too & for me the popularity/trendiness of all 3 of these names would put me off, especially with all 3 together. I do like Alice a lot though.
    2. Viola Bluebell Clara [KLAR-uh]- I love Viola and Clara! Bluebell is cutesy, but I like unusual middle names and if she's embarrassed by it then she can always just say her middle name's Clara. Nice combo.
    3. Tallulah Hazel Ivy (Lula)- Lovely! Hazel & Ivy together is a bit nature-word-name overkill though, haha.
    4. Eloisa Imogen Blair (Lola)- Eloisa and Blair have a certain charm, but I'm so tired of Imogen as it so trendy here, so I'd swap that one out. I prefer just Louisa to Eloisa.
    5. Adelaide Flora Belle (Ada)- I LOVE Adelaide and quite like Flora but Belle is one of my least favourite names. Weirdly, I find it even more cutesy than Bluebell, especially as Adelaide and Flora are quite girly anyway. I'd probably use Blair here instead.
    6. Ottilie Mabel Winter (Tilly) [OT-il-ee]- I'm not a fan of Ottilie at all, but Tilly is cute and the combo sounds nice. Winter is an adorable mn.
    7. May Hermione Rosa- May is so pretty and I adore Rosa, I just find Hermione a bit over-the-top and too Harry Potter, so I'd change that one.
    8. Olive Amelia Grace- Olive is charming, but Amelia is just overused and dull, in my opinion. Especially with Grace, the ultimate 00s/10s filler mn.
    9. Eleanor Sylvie Wren- This is beautiful. I'd only suggest Eleanora instead or Eleanor.
    10. Ramona Lily Eden (Roma)- I love Ramona (Roma is such a cute nn!). Lily is overused and boring to me. Eden is not my style, but if paired with a mn other than Lily, then this combo could be lovely.

    Hope that helped

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