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    Names you adore and everyone hates.

    What are some names that you absolutely love and everyone you know hates?
    Names that you love and people think you made it up? Ruined from a dumb TV character? a family member? guilty pleasures? from a different language?
    How much would/do you let people's opinions influence the name you'd choose for your child?

    Some of my favorite names get awful reactions just because they are uncommon.
    My favorite name for a boy is Devrim. It's turkish and means revolution. It's pronounced DEV- RIM (there was also a car called devrim...but it wasn't so hot. I choose to leave that part out normally. ;])

    also, Judas. very controversial, but I love the name. Obviously I wouldn't name my child after a traitor. There are way more people with the name. I'd only use it as a middle anyways. I don't believe in naming a child after a specific person to begin with.

    Cabhan. Irish for grassy hill or knoll. Okay, not a great meaning based name. I love the name Gavin but it has become soooo popular, my husband is very into his Irish heritage so this works. CAV-AN/IN.

    Damiana. I've loved this since I was little, although I don't know that I'd use it now. Damiana is a pretty yellow flower that grows as a shrub. DAH-ME-AH-NA. not DAY-ME-ANA
    freyja madailein. mallaidh kerensa. caoimhe adalie. noemie cassia. ariella rhedyn.

    atreju eliezer. devrim judas. cabhan ezra. asa lachlan. aneirin ____. saoirse ____.

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    I like Devrim, and Damiana is very unique and I kind of like that as well!
    I know what you mean about people hating on some of your names! Since I was young, I have loved CHEYENNE. I just fell in love with it as a place name. But, many people have referred to it as 'low class' (I am not sure why, and do not mean to offend anyone w/ this name - bc I LOVE this name and I do not agree with that, however, this is what several friends/nameberries have said) - and I appreciate 'first impression' opinions so I think, I guess there must be something to that? I dont know... It has definitely made me question the name, even though i still really love it. If anyone can shed any light on this name and y people keep telling me that, that'd be great!

    Also, family member and I were discussing names and I brought up liking Avelia, ('ah-vail-ee-ah') and got a very negative reaction!

    Another one this happened with was Ever! I think it's very unique and cute, but have not gotten a positive reaction from many
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    For me, it's Shiloh. I adore this name for a BOY, but I'm constantly being told that it's "too feminine", "too celebrity" or that there's something generally "off" about it - which is sad, becuase it's probably my favourite name. My girlfriend loves it though, so that's something at least

    As for girls, I love Bluebell, but again this one is disliked because of the celebrity factor. I don't even associate Shiloh or Bluebell with the celebrity's kids so it's always a shock when I hear that. Also, a lot of people have a distaste for it because it's just "too weird" :/ haha.

    I love Judas and Cabhan! Devrim and Damiana are really interesting too, in a good way. As for Cheyenne, I do kind of think "low class" when I hear it ... not sure why. But actually, any dislike I have for the name comes from the similarity to 'cayenne pepper'! I wouldn't say it's an awful name or anything though
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    Not many people seem to share my love for April. Apparently it's quite dated, but I've never actually known anyone with this name so I don't connect it to any specific era.

    I've also loved Adamina ever since I read Tim Pears' novel 'In a Land of Plenty' as a teenager. I tend to see it as Ada+mina whereas most people see it as Adam+ina. The boys' names with feminine endings don't seem to appeal to a lot of people, so they don't like it. I also like Georgina and Thomasina though, so it might just be my taste!

    kristyn24 - I think Cheyenne may come across as "low class" to some people because it fits into the group of Native American tribe names that are being used as people's names (eg. Dakota), and there are people who find this practice culturally insensitive. Cultural sensitivity is generally seen as a characteristic that the 'educated' and the 'wordly' possess, as opposed to the "lower classes" (I'm not saying it is, just that I see this as the link). The question is: Why would someone want to give their child a name that might actually be offensive to other people, unless they are entirely ignorant (ie. uneducated) or just don't care (ie. culturally insensitive)?

    For anyone who's interested, this website ( sheds some light on the matter and offers some great alternatives.

    Does anyone else agree with this, or am I totally off the mark?
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    @oldsienna: I adore Adamina, and I'm thrilled to find someone else who likes it! It baffles me why anyone would want to use Addison when gorgeous Adamina is available. FWIW, I think you're right about Cheyenne and India and why their use is seen by some as objectionable. It doesn't stop me from loving India, and I think its long history of use separates it a bit from its imperialistic origins, but it does make me uncomfortable; I'll probably never use it.

    I love Millicent, but all I get from people (especially IRL) is references to millipedes, minor character in Harry Potter, and one of Cinderella's ugly stepsisters in the Disney adaptation of the tale. I'm disappointed. I think it's so lovely and dramatic, but the last thing I'd want is to give my child a name that says "ugly and mean" to everyone she meets.

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