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    Can't find a first-last fit!!

    Hi all!

    Not expecting anytime soon, but just curious to hear some thoughts! In my opinion, my SO's surname is one of the most "stereotypically British" sounding names I have ever heard. I love it so much, but sometimes I feel as though it's tough to pair up a not-too-outdated name with it! I'm trying to find names I like, but that fit with his last name. I loved the combo Gianna Domenica for a while, but he thinks that sounds "a bit too Italian with such an English sounding last name" (I guess I can see his point! ) He isn't much help-- his style ranges so drastically from incredibly common (i.e. William, Edward) to not a match at all (i.e. Hendrik), I'm lost!

    I'm trying to find a good balance between classy and modern, within the British-English spectrum. Any suggestions??

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