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    Are you a name satisficer or maximizer?

    Maximizers are people who "want to make the optimal decision. So even if they see a bicycle or a photographer that would seem to meet their requirements, they can’t make a decision until after they’ve examined every option, so they know they’re making the best possible choice."

    Satisficers are people "who make a decision or take action once their criteria are met. That doesn’t mean they’ll settle for mediocrity; their criteria can be very high; but as soon as they find the car, the hotel, or the pasta sauce that has the qualities they want, they’re satisfied." (

    I think in life, most people are a mixture of the two, but what are you in naming? I think we all know people who just hear a name they love, decide it's the ONE for their kid, and never look back to contemplate whether it really was the best choice in the end. And on the other side, many of us can simply agonize over our choices repeatedly.

    I have come to realize I am definitely a maximizer when it comes to names, but it turns out that maximizers are rarely happier with their decisions in the long run... "Maximizers rely heavily on external sources for evaluation. Rather than asking themselves if they enjoy their choice, they are more likely to evaluate their choices based on its reputation, social status, and other external cues. [...] A satisficer is less likely to experience regret even if a better option presents itself after a decision has already been made. Compared to satisficers, maximizing individuals are more likely to experience lower levels of happiness, [more] regret, and [lower] self-esteem."

    So I'm trying to convince myself to take on more of the qualities of a satisficer when it comes to this kind of decision. How about you?

    And for those of you who have yet to name actual kids, where do you fall? How satisfied do you feel about your long list of potentials for future children if you want them someday? And how about your sig?
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    I am most definitely a maximizer, though I have yet to name an actual child yet. I quite frequently go back and forth on the names that make up my list and my list changes a lot. Currently, my signature is comprised of names I'm just thinking about, but not necessarily strongly considering yet. That doesn't mean they won't make the long or short list eventually. Lately, I've been trying hard to focus on what I like about the names we have or how I feel about them (and how DH thinks/feels) rather than what others say, think, or feel about them, as I find I will often take into consideration other's feeling above my own.
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    A maximizer, definitely! I think you'll find that most people on here are, at least when it comes to naming. After all, what is NB for if not to agonise over the naming process, constantly evaluating, getting feedback and exploring more options even when you've already got a shortlist as long as your arm!

    I wish I were more of a satisficer too, in life as well as naming. It took me about 3 days to sort my car insurance, because I used about 8 different price comparison sites to make sure I was getting the absolute best deal. And at uni, my friends and DH could bang out a 3000 word essay in hours, whereas it took me days because I had to read and reread, edit and add, etc. etc. until it felt exactly right. It was exhausting! Sadly, I think you're probably naturally one way or the other - nothing much to be done about it!
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    I'm more of a satisficer, I would say. Once a combo clicks for me, that's pretty much it. My taste in names since joining this site in 2015 has changed a little— I've added a few new names to my long list since then and taken some off, but I have a handful of steady favourites I've liked for years now. The two combos I have in my signature are my if-I-had-a-baby-tomorrow names, and if the decision were completely up to me, I would be perfectly content with using them as they are.

    That's not to say I don't sometimes worry about or question my combos. I've definitely had my "Am I dooming Asa to a life of constantly having his name pronounced wrong by strangers?" and "How annoying will it be for Scarlet to explain her name is spelled with one T and not two?" type moments. In the long run though I think my love for the names and their significance outweighs the possible cons. Maybe if I ever have the opportunity to name a real child the panic alarms will start going off, but for now, as the saying goes, "if it ain't broke, don't fix it."

    (I love the nickname Kiki for Chrysanthemum, by the way! I'm happy to see Chrysanthemum back in your signature as well!)

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    I'm pretty sure I'm the Satisficer, in naming as in most things (like shopping clothes, thank god. That must take forever as an maximizer).
    I'm quite fast in deciding if I like/would use a name. Deciding on Rebekka, for example, happened spontanously 4 years ago when I was naming a doll, and it's been *the* name ever since. Zippora has, in varying spellings, been on my list since 2011.

    it's actually a bit boring. Being a name nerd, of course I like discovering new gems, but it can feel a bit dull knowing my favourites aren't going to change anyway.
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