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    I like the name Sybil thanks to Downton Abbey, but it seems that not even the Emmy-nominated series can get people to warm up to Sybil.

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    Um, a lot! haha.

    My first thoughts were Agatha and Agnes. I think they're so sweet and pretty and vintage, but everyone thinks I'm crazy when I bring them up! And the French pronunciation of Agnes--ahn-YES--is so beautiful I think. Oh, well. haha.

    I also have a HUGE thing for Polish names. I had to research them for a short story I wrote for school last year, and I completely fell in love with their random "J"s and "Z"s. I adore Lilija, Gracja, Zenobia, Ziven, Jonasz, Eliasz, Ariadna, Cecylia, Sabina, Klara, etc.

    Bluebell is a huge GP for me, atm, too...

    I also *LOVE* unisex names on boys. I think Aubrey, Morgan, Riley, Bailey, Avery, Addison, Harper, Emerson, etc., are so perfect for boys, but people think I'm crazy. If Bailey was more acceptable for a boy, it would be on my top five for sure, if not my top two. It's still on my top 10 boys' list, anyway, but I don't know if I have the guts to use it. :*(

    Then again, my family tears apart my whole list! The names aren't even that weird or uncommon, but there are very few names that my family genuinely *likes*. Isabelle is too Twilighty. Arianne will become Ari the Airhead. Charlotte has the word "harlot" in it (that only added fuel to my brother's argument, since he knew a slutty Charlotte in college). Liliana is too complicated--why not just Lily?! Rachel is so dated, and why would you name your daughter after RACHEL?! (My family doesn't have the best association to the name, haha. I have the same association, lol, but it doesn't bother me!) Violet is a dumb name (really?! I don't possibly see why every single person in my family hates this...) Avery is a girls' name. Jonas is too Jonas Brothers-y. You can't name your son Caleb--what if he's wimpy?! (My mom has this weird association that she thinks all Calebs have to be hunks!) Henry is a dumb old-man name. Lyra's a dumb name...

    This coming from a family that doesn't think Nevaeh is awful. Pretty much the only name on my list that I know the majority (if not all of them) like is Olivia. Which I'm fine with that--Olivia's on my top five and I really don't think I'll die if my family doesn't ADORE the names of my children--but it's kinda annoying when I do want to know what they think and I kinda hope they'll end up liking some of them. haha. I think my mom liked Anneliese, too. They just have no sense of what's popular and in-style right now, so it doesn't bother me, haha.
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    I love Cybele and Lettice!
    Also Ivan and Ivo! Everyone I've mentioned them to haaaates them.
    Also Anoushka. Nameberry seems to hate this name, but I know the sweetest little Anoushka, who gets called Noush. I love it after meeting her.
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    In my group of friends all my favorite names are hated. Milo and Desmond for boys and Camillia and Valentina for girls.

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    @oldsienna - Thanks for your insight on Cheyenne. That makes sense what you said, maybe that is why people view it that way. For me though, I am part Native American, and my husband and I had our honeymoon in the western US, and spent some wonderful time in Cheyenne, so to me it's a place name that also holds value due to the fact that I have Native American in my blood. Do you think this makes a difference, or do u think it would still be seen as 'low class?' I mean obviously I would not explain this to everyone who heard the name, so that still may be their overall first impression of it - low class/insensitive to Native Americans? I'm not sure... Any other thoughts appreicated, and I appreciate your input and advice!

    Also, to me, b/c I am part Native American I feel like if I'm ok w/ the name and its not offensive to me, it should be ok. Plus, if names like these offend (which not saying I dont see where some may) but who's to say taht Georgia or Alabama or other place names wouldn't be offensive to others, such as people who had slaves in their family in the past that were slaves on plantations there? I typically use a place name just b/c it has speical meaning to me, and I dont want it to be offensive to others, but I guess I just think where does that end, that could go for many names or groups of names.
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