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    I feel like if you REALLY REALLY just absolutely LOVE a name it shouldn't matter what things are attached to it or how people view it. (unless of course EVERYONE thinks its horrific) What matters is that you love the name and you have the right to name your child that. It also matters if your spouse loves/hates it, sometimes it just takes a little explanation and a little persuading. ;] Every name has some kind of attachment and there's at least one person out there that's going to completely hate it and say you're stupid for wanting to name your child that.

    Avelia is very pretty! I know there are quite a few people on this site that also love Ever.
    Adamina- I definitely read it as ADAM ina. maybe ATA-mina? that would be cute! and reduce confusion/mispronunciation
    I LOVE mordecai, and my best friend is Wilhelmina :]
    freyja madailein. mallaidh kerensa. caoimhe adalie. noemie cassia. ariella rhedyn.

    atreju eliezer. devrim judas. cabhan ezra. asa lachlan. aneirin ____. saoirse ____.

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    I like the names Emmett (my husband hates it), Wylie (my mom doesn't like, but hubby does). I did finally convince hubby to agree to the name Tessa, but then we met a little girl named Tessa, who we see frequently, so I don' want to use it now.

    To the person who likes April, and has never heard it, I wanted to say I know six people named April and they are almost all around my age, and I am 22. Cheyenne is my cousin's name and I also know a sweet little girl of about nine with the name.

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    I love Shiloh for a boy, but everyone seems to associate it with Brangelina's daughter and the dog from Phyllis Reynolds Naylor's book.

    I also love Sunday, for some reason! And I'm not even Christian. It is just so peaceful but still different.

    I love Svea, too.

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    @oldsienna: I adore Adamina, and I'm thrilled to find someone else who likes it! It baffles me why anyone would want to use Addison when gorgeous Adamina is available. FWIW, I think you're right about Cheyenne and India and why their use is seen by some as objectionable. It doesn't stop me from loving India, and I think its long history of use separates it a bit from its imperialistic origins, but it does make me uncomfortable; I'll probably never use it.

    I love Millicent, but all I get from people (especially IRL) is references to millipedes, minor character in Harry Potter, and one of Cinderella's ugly stepsisters in the Disney adaptation of the tale. I'm disappointed. I think it's so lovely and dramatic, but the last thing I'd want is to give my child a name that says "ugly and mean" to everyone she meets.

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