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    1. Twin teenage girls who are very short, funny, and lovable: Natalie Jade & Melinda Ruby
    2. Toddler boy who giggles all the time: Benedict David "Bendy"
    3. Triplet girls born to parents Hillary Ann & Daniel Jacob : Fiona Alice, Veronica Jeanne, & Anna Bridget
    4. Awkward middle school aged girl who loves writing : Penelope Anne
    5. Baby boy born to parents Bailey & Greg with an older brother named Tim: William Gregory

    1. 7-year old girl with Down's Syndrome, sweet as pie and friendly to everyone:
    2. Twin boys, high school freshman, one brusque and vivacious, the other bookish and introspective:
    3. 4 year old redheaded girl who gives her parents and older sister Emily a run for their money:
    4. Sixteen year old girl, primed to become a concert pianist since age 3:
    5. Triplets, two boys and one girl, born to an African American father and Cuban mother:

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