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    This is so tough because you've got such a great list of names here! I LOVE Astrid, though, so that gets my vote. Might I suggest Astrid Signe?

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    Quote Originally Posted by emma_milla View Post
    I just dont want people to constantly associate a butt with my daughter's name. I love Freya and Astrid. I have met two beautiful little girls here in norway named Freya and Astrid and a few adult women. I tend to name my girls on where I lived when I concieved them or had them. Emma was born in Bristol England while I was reading Jane Austen waiting for her to come. Milla was born in Berlin. This one will be born in Norway. I crave Astrid... Lol

    Does Freya Astrid make it sound more accessable?
    LOL, yeah it's an understandable concern. Freya Astrid may not have the best flow, but the mn spot is definitely "safer" for a name you love that has . . . issues.

    I think using the names you love is more important than flow, sibset naming concerns, etc. If you don't use the name you may regret not "going for it."

    Good luck!
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    My favorite of your combos is Ada Gwendolyn. It's just so pretty! Freya Astrid is great too though, so I guess it's a toss up between those two.

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    Astrid is definitely not my taste, but you really seem to love it! I would suggest using it as a mn. How about Signe Astrid? My favourite of your names is Sophie Anais. Niamh Saorise is pretty, how about Niamh Astrid?or Sophie Astrid?
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    one of my close friends has a daughter named astrid and I love it! I've never noticed the 'ass' thing or heard it mentioned before!
    I agree totally with the person who said too many girls names are geared towards cute little girls. to my mind, astrid works across all ages and is bold and decisive!
    go for astrid!!

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