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    Your name is Maddie and you are the 18-year-old mother of two daughters and a high school dropout. You had your first daughter when you were 15 and your ex-boyfriend, Jamie, refused to take any responsibility for her. He was later shipped off to military school by his parents and no one has heard from him since. Your second daughter's father, Dean, was much nicer to you and wanted to help out, but was killed in a drunk driving accident. You had your second daughter not long after you turned 17.

    What are your daughters' names
    India Grace & Sasha Rose

    After you're fired from your job as a waitress, you file for unemployment, but you still haven't found a job by the time it runs out. That's when you consider a heartbreaking alternative: putting your daughters up for adoption. Your parents don't want you to do it, and you don't either, but your daughters deserve a better life than you can give. Before you can change your mind, you get in touch with a social worker who puts you through to an adoption agency.

    The day your daughters are set to go to their new family, you tearfully bid them goodbye and hug them tight. You give your eldest daughter, India, a necklace that your mother had given to you when you were young, and your second daughter, Sasha, a ring her father had given you when you were pregnant with her. You tell them you will always love them, no matter what. Then, you watch silently as the social worker picks them up and carries them out the front door.

    What did the necklace look like?

    What did the ring look like?

    A month after your daughters are gone, you move out of your parents house and go to nashville, two hours away. You move in with friends, get a job, work hard at getting your GED, and try not to think too much about your little girls....

    15 YEARS LATER....

    You are now a grown woman, living in a 3-bedroom, 2-bathroom house with your husband and children. You met your husband, Jackson David Brooks , when you were 22 years old and went back to school. He was a graduate student studying to be a Children's nurse. You also got yourself a good, decent job as a paediactric nurse. Your husband knows about your daughters and encourages you to try and locate them, but you're terrified of what could happen. You have three children with your husband, two boys and a girl, who are unaware of the fact that they have two older half-sisters.

    What are your sons' names? Kellan Reid Brooks& Xander Finn Brooks

    What is your daughter's name? Elena Imogen Brooks

    You're at the mall with your daughter and stop into Forever 21 to buy a birthday present for your 14-year-old niece. While you're there, you notice a girl, about 16 or 17, in the store who has Blonde hair and Blue eyes. She bears an uncanny resemblance to the father of your first daughter, as well as your daughter herself. You also notice something similar between your youngest daughter and the girl. As if sensing someone staring at her, the girl turns away from the rack of clothes she's looking at and sees you. She smiles politely and you're about to return the smile...until you notice the necklace she's wearing around her neck.

    Struggling to maintain your composure, you casually ask the girl where she got the necklace. She says she's had it since she was a little girl, that her mother gave it to her when she was 2 years old. It's the same necklace you gave your first daughter, India, the day you put her and her sister up for adoption. You're about to say something else to the girl--whom you know for sure is your daughter--when someone across the store calls her over, and not by the name you gave her. She says goodbye and turns to leave. Abruptly, you ask her if she has a sister. Giving you a curious look, the girl says no, she's an only child, then walks away.

    An hour later, still stunned by what happened at Forever 21, your daughter with you asks if you two can stop at a thrift store to check out the clothes. You agree. When you get inside the store, there are already two girls and a woman in the store. The girls are giggling and one you notice right off the bat--because she looks like you and the father of your second daughter, with her brown hair and blue eyes. At first, you think you're over-reacting and try to ignore the girl and shop with the daughter you already have. But when the two of you are standing at the same rack, you can't forget that she's there. When she reaches for a pair of jeans, your eyes wander to her hands...and you notice she's wearing the exact same ring you gave your second daughter.

    Innocently, and without really thinking, you inquire after the ring. The girl tells you her parents gave it to her on her fifteenth birthday and that it had belonged to her mother before her. Now, you're certain that you've just met your second daughter. When she walks away to her friend and her adoptive mother, you feel your throat start to close and your heart burst.

    That night, you tell your husband about what happened at the mall. He spends all night trying to persuade you to look into it and, by breakfast time, you can't take it anymore. You call the adoption agency you went through fifteen years before and they dig up your daughters' adoption papers. You learn that they were each adopted by separate families from different parts of the state and their names were changed.

    What is your eldest daughter's new name? Isabelle 'Izzy' Piper Wilson

    What is your second daughter's new name? Sophia Jayne Blakeston

    You get your daughters' addresses and write them each letters, telling them who you are, why you gave them up, that you haven't stopped thinking about them after all these years, and ask if they would like to see you. You also finally tell your children about their sisters and the kids want to meet them as well. Within a month, you've heard from the girls. Both have always known they were adopted, but didn't know they had a sister or who their birth mother was. The three of you arrange to meet a week after a scheduled phone call. The reunion is one to remember and you're overjoyed to have your daughters back and they're happy to have you, each other, their siblings, and their stepfather in their lives.

    You all live HAPPILY EVER AFTER!!!
    Mum to 💚 Bailey and 💗Liberty

    💛Sawyer Sept- Dec '16

    Future names--
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