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    Hi, my name is Samantha Olive, I am a 39 year old Novelist and mother of four beautiful girls. I have been happily married to my husband for close to fifteen years, I met him while I was at college; he is called Elijah Willem, 47 and a private investigator. We love in a lovely house set in the centre of our massive estate, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. ( 101054) First of all we had twin girls who are now ten years old, they are called: Addison Kate and Alice Willa, they are not identical in looks but are in personality, and just because we don't get them mixed up doesn't stop them from causing all sorts of mischief! Five years after our twins we decided to try for a third and had Caroline Eve, who is the precise image of Elijah and just as helpful around the house! Just over a year later came our surprise baby, we weren't planning on another but I guess I was fertile! She was another girl, Brooke Violet, who is now four years old and growing up faster than i want to admit. While I was pregnant with Cally, Elijah surprised me with a puppy! He's a gorgeous Westie Terrier whom the twins helped me name Blizzard. ( So that's us: Sam (39) and Elijah (47) with: Addi (10), Ali (10), Cally (5), Brooke (4); and Blizzard (6)!
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