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    My name is Amélie Josefa; my mother is French and my father is German. I'm 22 and I have curly brown hair and brown eyes.
    My first job with the company was in the advertising department; my first job with the company was in South Africa. I was stationed in the legislative capital, Cape Town.
    In Cape Town, I had the time of my life, making new friends and having new experiences. Being trilingual helped a lot with my job and my social life, as there are a few notable similarities between German and Afrikaans, but French is rather obscure and not many people around seemed to speak it. I was very surprised when I heard two people speaking French on the bus home from work.
    I wouldn't have said anything, but then I got a call from my best friend, Isabelle, who is also fluent in French. Naturally, we conversed in French, and when the guy and girl in front of me heard, they turned around and smiled. When I finished my conversation, we started chatting and discovered that we have roots in similar countries- they're twins, with an Austrian mother and Belgian father.
    His name is Franz Hugo Laurent, and her name is Elisabeth Johanna Laurent (she goes by Elise). They're 24, with straight blonde hair and brown eyes.
    I became very good friends with the twins, and after being introduced to their wonderful mother, Rose, and their weary but pleasant father, Édouard, I was considered part of the family.
    Four years after having moved To Cape Town, my job was going perfectly and I had moved into a bigger house in a calmer area of the city. I was also closer than ever to the twins I met on the bus, especially Franz. We dated for six months before he proposed, and I accepted, of course. He proposed on a yacht at sunset. The ring was perfect, an antique Victorian gold ring with intricate etchings, set with three small rubies.
    We got married at a hotel in autumn, I eschewed the traditional wedding gown for a little black dress. Elise was the maid of honor, and then the other bridesmaids were my friends Isabelle and Kate. We honeymooned in Russia.
    Six years later, we decided to start a family. We both kept our jobs (he's an attorney) because the baby's grandparents are more than willing to help out. Our first child was a boy, named Tobias Francisco Laurent. He has straight brown hair and brown eyes.
    Two years later, shortly after Elise's wedding, we had our second child, a girl named Anastasia Maeve Laurent. She has straight blonde hair and brown eyes.
    Six months after Anya was born, I became pregnant again. When Toby was three and Anya was 15 months, I had twins named Margaux Elisabeth Laurent and Theodore Hugo Laurent. Maggie has curly brown hair and brown eyes, Theo has straight brown hair and brown eyes.
    Two years later, we had our last child, a girl named Cordelia Eloise Laurent. She has wavy brown hair and brown eyes.

    Our children are Tobias, Anastasia, Margaux, Theodore, and Cordelia. They go by Toby, Anya, Maggie, Theo, and Cora.

    Toby, age 7:
    Anya, age 5:
    Theo and Maggie, age 4:
    Cora, age 2:
    Mom to Kate, Nora, Milo, and Penny
    Katharine Eloise (9/99)
    Eleanor Alice (1/02)
    Miles Christopher (11/04)
    Penelope Olivia (3/06)

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