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    boy/girl twin opinions??

    what are your thoughts on these boy/girl twin sets?

    Parker and Penelope (Pippa)
    Edward and Eloise
    Theodore and Tabitha
    Ambrose and Magdalena
    Irving and Seraphina
    Elliot and Elizabeth

    any other suggestions? Thank you!!

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    Parker and Penelope (Pippa) - Mismatched with a more contemporary occupational name and a Greek mythological name
    Edward and Eloise - I'm not a fan of siblings with the same initials but these two names are pretty classic and go well together.
    Theodore and Tabitha - I like this pairing. Theo and Tabitha have lots of energy!
    Ambrose and Magdalena - Two saints names make a great team!
    Irving and Seraphina - Mismatched. The solid citizen Irving with the romantic and frilly Seraphina.
    Elliot and Elizabeth - I don't like the similar "El" beginning. Elizabeth and Theodore would make a great duo!
    All the best,

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    First of all, I think Edward & Eloise and Ambrose & Magdalena would be awesome! I'd love to meet twins with those names.

    Parker and Penelope (Pippa): not my favorite pairing, very different styles of names even for siblings
    Edward and Eloise: Classic, beautiful
    Theodore and Tabitha: this one is nice, but it doesn't grab me
    Ambrose and Magdalena: so cool!
    Irving and Seraphina: very intriguing just not my style
    Elliot and Elizabeth: I don't mind when twin names start with the same letter, but Elliot and Elizabeth start with "elli" and "eli", too close for me

    How about:

    Penelope and Theodore
    Penelope and Sebastian
    Theodore and Caroline
    Theodore and Eloise
    Theodore and Elizabeth
    Parker and Elle
    Parker and Polly
    Parker and Avery
    Tabitha and Nathaniel
    Tabitha and Matthias

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    Parker and Penelope (Pippa) I love Parker and a sister named Pippa is cute but don't like Penelope, Phillipa and Parker make a better set but I wouldn't use that either I would like to see Eve and Parker, Lily and Parker.
    Edward and Eloise Lovely names and a possible sibset
    Theodore and Tabitha Like apart not in combo, Theodore and Juliet and Tabitha and George
    Ambrose and Magdalena I can't warm to either of these names but Ambrose and Harriet and Magdalena and Thomas
    Irving and Seraphina Not as a set, Irving and Ruth, Irving and Liza, Seraphina and William, Seraphina and Louis
    Elliot and Elizabeth, Elliot and Amelia and Elizabeth and Henry
    Psalm 23

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