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    Can't decide on a sister name for Evan James

    We are having a baby sister to have Evan James for a wonderful big brother. I really love the name Clara Anneliese, but I also am liking Juliet, Rachel, Anna and Lisette. I love strong feminine names for a girl and strong, masculine names for boys, i.e. Evan James:-)

    What are your opinion on my names:

    Clara Anneliese
    Clara Juliet
    Rachel Anneliese
    Anna Lisette
    Anna Juliet

    I know I have posted similar question before, but looking for more confirmation, I guess:-)
    any other combos invited. thanks ....

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    I've always had a soft spot for Evan, and I've always thought names like Clara and Laura would be a perfect sibset match. So my choice is for Clara, Clara Juliet, because the 'a' at the end of Clara runs into Anneliese.

    Anna is nice, but Evan and Anna are a bit too similar for me. Rachel, I like on its own but with Evan it just feels mis matched, not sure why though.

    I absolutely love Clara and Evan together!

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