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    My name is Jasmine, and I would like to have an "alternative" name. I don't like names that are too frilly, but I don't like unisex names. I love nature names, and vintage names. I am tall, I have shoulder length auburn hair.

    Name I like, but wouldn't use for myself:


    Thank you!
    Jude, blackbird.

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    I suggest Arabelle for your character.

    My name is Kaylah, I'm expecting a baby girl with my fiance. We would a classy but unfamiliar middle name that ends in -ine or -ia, and cannot be two syllables so it will flow with the middle name Iris.
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    For you, Kaylah, I'd suggest Amandine or Aurelia.


    Hi! I'm Madison, but I go by Maddie. I'm 13, and obviously not expecting any children, but I like to think about names, and what I'd name my future children. Any suggestions? I like names that are classic but not old-fashioned-feeling, with a few exceptions. My name style is "Classic unusual". I also like classic, established names that have a cute, fresh nickname option, like Joseph nn Jojo. I want 5 children, 3 boys, 2 girls. My Top 5 for each gender: James, Joseph *Jojo*, Leo, Tristan, George, and Shelby, Gemma, Stella, Julia, and Laurel. Names I don't like: Imogen, Olive, Agnes, and kreigh8tyv, tryndeigh names. You can use names from my signature, or my top 5, if needed.
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    I do like Julia, nn Lia or Ju. Another name I like is Eleanor. It's a classic, but feels fresh and not too old-lady. For the boys, I'd suggest Beckett or Bentley. It seems we share a lot of the same favorite names.

    I'm just looking for future names- I don't like yooneek or kreigh8tiv, but i'm open to tryndeigh. As long as it't not too over-the-top. I am looking for girl's names.
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