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    Hilde Ella

    My name is Lillian Claire, my husband's name is Noah Zachery. Our last name is Carson. I am British and he's Turkish and we both like classic names. We have 2 girls and 2 boys, with girl/boy twins on the way.

    Joanne Claire "Jo"
    Nicolas Zachery "Nic"
    Isabel Grace
    Ron Alexander

    They can's have the same initials and can't be matching.

    Names we don't like:
    Emily, India, Olivia
    Damien, Potter, Edward

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    Lillian Claire, I would suggest:

    Marcus Elijah and Sarah Beth (or Elizabeth),
    Seth Jacob and Amelia Marie, or
    Elliot Jack and Margaret Rose.

    My name is Cassandra Leigh and my husband is Kelsey Fredrick. Last name starts with H, two syllables. We are pregnant with twins (we don't know the sexes)! First son is Rowan Elijah and second son is Sebastian Gabriel.

    For boys I don't like anything too common or out there, we like names that are wearable on a child and adult.
    Nothing too feminine or unisex for a girl.

    Guilty pleasures of mine:
    Penelope, Achilles, Orion, Seraphina

    Names we like but cannot use for various reasons:
    Noa(g), Liam, Fiona

    Names I hate:
    anything super tryndeigh.
    Eleanor, Beatrice, Patricia - this all have too much of an "old lady" feel in a non-classic way though I know many berries would disagree.
    Nevaeh, Kaitlyn, Ashley, Jessica. - anything cheap sounding or really popular in the 80s and 90s.

    Any names/combos sibsets for us ?

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    Cassandra Leigh I would suggest Helen and Sarah, Harrison and Isaac, or Carrie and Daniel.

    My name is Natalie Theresa and my lat name starts with an R, two sylables. I am pretnding to be expecting twin girls.

    Names I like: Isabella, Caitlin, and Carmen.

    Names I hate: Beatrice, Elaina, and Lydia.

    I don't like anything too girly, unisex is fine.
    "Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants"! Go Bee, Lena, Carmen, & Tibby!

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    I’m thinking Carmen Kylie and Jordan Maya or Peyton Jasmine and Addison Jocelyn

    My name is Emma Violet and my husband name is Michael Henry and our last starts with a V and has two syllables. We have one son already named Spencer Michael. We don’t know what we are having, and would like to have names for both. I love girly name for girls and strong names for boys while Mike likes more unsexed names for both.

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    What about Allison Joy for a girl and Tyler Nathaniel for a boy???

    My name is Jennifer Marie.... BORING!!! I am pregnant with my third daughter. I like unique names that you haven't heard before. My hubby will like just about anything as long as it doesn't start with the letter A because our last name starts with an A and he HATES alliteration! Our older daughters are Eloise Xanthe and Persephone Oona 'Lola and Percy'.
    "I feel like a little bit, like, I’m the Braveheart of creativity.”
    ~ Kanye West


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