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    Be A Name Consultant

    Okay, so I thought it would be fun to have a game where we are all name consultants. You can make up a fictional name predicament or use your own situation to see what the next person would recommend as names for you.

    Even if you aren't actually expecting, this can be an awesome way to see what names people would suggest for you if you were! Or you can do a completely fictional situation just for fun

    So basically the first person will say any info they want to share.

    Eg. Your name, spouse's name, other children, name requirements, previous name lists or other names you like but don't love, guilty pleasure names, etc.

    Really whatever you want to share (or make up!). Then the next person will be like your name consultant and give you the perfect name from what you've told them, and then they'll make their own situation.

    I'll start.


    Hi, my name is Chloe. My last name is 1 syllable, starting with B. I'm looking for a girls name.

    Name requirements:
    -middle name must be Grace or a variant of Grace (or a name meaning Grace etc.)
    -nothing tryndeigh

    3 names I like but cannot use:
    Beatrix, Juniper, Freya.

    What would you choose for me?

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    My name is Veronica, I am pregnant but do not want to know the sex of my baby, but I want a name so it must be a unisex name.
    The last name is 3 syllables - starts with L ends with N

    Cannot use Riley or Mischa as they are already in the family.

    ♥ Clara Dean Lucy Dominic ♡

    Feel free to ask me anything about saints names

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    This is exciting. I wouldn't mind being a name consultant in real life! For you, Veronica, how about an unusual surname that would work as a unisex name? I'm thinking something short would go well with your last name. My top picks are Baird, Brooks, McKay, and Wright. You could choose one of these, and then, depending on the baby's gender, choose a longer masculine or feminine name as a mn.
    McKay Philippa or McKay Dean? Brooks Victoria or Brooks Jensen?

    I'm looking for a name for my first son or daughter. We won't know the gender till it's born, so we need both a boy's and a girl's name and we're having some trouble agreeing Both our names begin with A, and our last name is one syllable and begins with a hard C. Also, since we'd like to have a large family we're looking for a good "firstborn" name, one that will look and sound well at the top of a list but also stand sturdily on its own in case he/she turns out an only child.
    We both tend to like "strong and simple" for a boy, but my husband prefers names that can be given some of the older nicknames, like Tom, Rick and Bill. I like classics, too, but I don't care for those nicknames. Here are the first names I chose when I played a "Ten Sons" game recently:
    James and John (twins)
    Maddox (though I'm having second thoughts about this one due to trendiness)
    Brennan (this wasn't really a favorite of mine, but I was looking for a Celtic name and Brennan fell right into place with the others)
    Charles (Charlie)
    To balance these short first names, I gave most of them longer middle names. I like the idea of using virtue or spiritual names as mns (i.e. James Deliverance and John Ransom.) My husband is thinking about it.
    For a girl...I like feminine girls' names, not too frilly, but tending longer and softer-sounding. Alice, Elisabeth, Evangeline and Mairi (or Marianne) have been on my short list for a while. Adelaide, Carolina, Jessamyn, Katrina and Margaret are farther down the list. My husband, however, kind of likes some of the unisex names, like Riley and Harper. Ainsley really caught his fancy a few weeks ago, which is scary to me! I do want to respect his taste in this decision, though. I'm hoping we could compromise on a name like that as a mn if he sticks to it. As with the boys, I'd prefer a virtue name as a mn (a shorter one like Grace, Joy or Hope to balance a longer first name.)
    Our baby is due in November. What would you recommend for us?

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    Alright, what about Jerome Chance, or Tobias Justice for a boy? For a girl, I'd think maybe Delilah Kendall or perhaps Samara Waverly.
    What do you think?

    My name is Grace Maria, and my last name is 4 letters and starts with W. My hubby's name is Jack Richard, and we're expecting our second daughter. Our 1st is named Annmarie Belle, and we're looking for a name that compliments our first little girl's moniker.
    Girly names are ok, but nothing too lacey, and we dislike unisex names. For a middle name, something a bit more unusual.
    Thanks in advance!!
    Proud mommy of Annemarie Belle, and expecting another daughter in November.

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    Ok, what about Julianna Lilac? Or if the "Anna" is too similar to Annmarie for you, maybe Rosemary Iris or Gracelyn Capella would be better choices.

    We are looking for a name for our first daughter who will have a last name that is similar to Parkinson. We both have super common names so we are both interested in more unusual, first names that are a bit longer then the average name, that's not too "out there", and comes with a variety of nicknames. The first name should also have at least one traditional nickname that can be used in case our daughter prefers a more traditional name. We don't like super girly names but are fine with unisex, feminizations, etc. The middle name must be a Catholic saint's name, but no Maries! Some names we are favoring at the moment are Indiana and Constance, but we don't have a middle for either nor are we 100% on the names. Thanks in advance!
    (updated 9/1/17)

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