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    Name their children!

    In this game you get a description of a person and name their children based on that description. Here is an example:

    Poster 1: Sarah Elizabeth Peters is an English teacher from Chicago, Illinois. She is 28 years old. Her favourite colour is Red, and when she is not teaching, she likes to paint.

    Poster 2:
    William Vincent Peters for a boy (because she teaches English, William is for William Shakespeare, and Vincent after the painter Vincent Van Gogh.)

    Olivia Scarlett Peters for a girl (Olivia is a popular name in Illinois, and Scarlett because she likes red)

    Poster 2 would then leave a description for the person below them to answer. Sarah Peters is made up, so feel free to make up descriptions. Or, you could make the description about yourself, and see what other people think you should call your kids.

    Here is the first description:

    Nicholas Theodore Montgomery is a doctor from Glasgow, Scotland. He is a keen reader. He is very handsome, with black hair and blue eyes. He even did some modelling as a teen.

    Vivienne Hazel // Florence Jane // Miriam Skylar // Esther Iris // Juniper Marie // Avalon Petra // Seraphine Clara // Avery Constantine // Rachael Alice // Brooklyn Liliana

    Jude Franklin // Vincent Arthur // Tobias Calvin // Sebastian Ezra // Julian Peter // Kendrick James // Theodore Malcolm // Joseph Felix // Matthew Paul // Jackson Fletcher

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