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    What girls name would you pair with the middle name Hermione?

    I'm only a teen and won't be having kids any time soon, but I really like the name Hermione. Hermione is very sentimental to me and I'm a huge fan of the Harry Potter series. I think it may be too much for a first name but could actually work in the middle. I probably wouldn't actually use it, but hypothetically speaking, what first names would you pair with it? I like names that are clearly feminine, no Riley's or Morgan's or Reese's, but besides that, have at it! -Freya

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    Current Combinations: Luna Ellen, Navy Stella, Romy Alfa, Juno Luna, Indigo Ellen and Indigo Alfa.
    Other favorites: Wren, Nova, Julie

    I won't be having any kids for the next 10 years or so, but I name puppies and kittens instead: Kara, Dexter, Johanna, Beatrice 'Bea', Alis and Molly. Molly eventually became Rosa. But I wasn't completely happy with that.

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    Junia Hermione came to mind immediately

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    Red face

    I've had Alice Hermione on my list for a while now, it really is a beautiful middle! Apart from Alice I think these go well with Hermione...
    Rosa Hermione
    Lila Hermione (Lye-la)
    Isla Hermione
    Mae Hermione
    Catrin Hermione
    Anwen Hermione
    Seren Hermione
    Dahlia Hermione
    Myra Hermione
    Charlotte Hermione
    Alessia Hermione
    Cassia Hermione (Cass-ee-ah, though the Casha/Kaysha prn would also work... I think the former spelling sounds gorgeous with Hermione)
    Ariana Hermione (Too much Potter?)
    Imogen Hermione
    Thora Hermione
    Sarah Hermione

    Hope you like

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