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Thread: Maternity Ward

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    You, Emilia Marie Holden are the new nurse at The Medical Center of Plano's maternity ward. These are all the babies there. What are their names?

    1. Rose Charlotte Greenwood, born at 6.01am to parents Michael and Olivia Greenwood, sibling to Toby Michael age 6 and Samuel William age 3.

    2. Fraser James Knight, born at 11.46pm to parents Darcy Knight and Ian Rosenblad.

    3. Chloe Margaret Hall, born at 12.50am to parents George and Aimee Hall, sibling to Isaac Arthur age 10, Vivian Esther age 5 and Lilah Diane age 2.

    4. Jack Lucas Andrew Holmes, born at 3pm to parents Hannah and Joseph Holmes

    5. Elena Genevieve DeLleur, born at 4.26am to parents Alejandro and Maya DeLleur, sibling to Joaquin Alejandro age 4.

    6. Flynn Oliver Parkes, born at 5.07pm to parents Thomas and Tracy Parkes, sibling to Sophie Jane age 8, Callum Thomas age 6, Natasha Erin age 5 and Katie Louise age 1.

    7. Aaliyah Rowan Arthur, born at 2.38am to parents Eli and Malika Arthur, sibling to Sakira Jasmine age 3.

    8. Wesley Charles Carter, born at 1.01pm to parents Willow Carter and Matthew Reyes.

    9. Alba Catherine Marie Goode, born at 7.13am to parents Patrick and Keira Goode, sibling to Levi Henry Maxwell age 5.

    10. Byron Xavier Walker, born at 9.02am to parents Emmett and Phoebe Walker, sibling to Zoe Francesca age 3 and Sabina Laurel age 19 months.
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    You, Samantha Paige Williams are the new nurse at Medel Hospital's maternity ward. These are all the babies there. What are their names?

    1. Miriam *Miri* Sophia Sanders
    2. Henry Joseph Knight
    3. Krystal Rose Adams
    4. Aiden Christopher Marks
    5. Victoria *Tori* Arden Fisher
    6. Noah Elliott Gross
    7. Vanessa Leigh Rodsmith
    8. Ronan Stanley Gold
    9. Haylee Michelle Rose Cohen
    10. Mason Kyle Bloom
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    I, Arabella Divine, am a nurse at New Hope Hospital in the maternity ward.
    Below are a list of newborns on a particular night.

    1. Chloie Adelina Jane Lopez
    2. Atticus Jack Davis
    3. Zara Charlotte Zofia Mays
    4. Evan Roger Brown
    5. Kiyami Jade Leigh Smith
    6) Alexander Felix Castillo-Juan
    7. Naima Roxanne Bell
    8. Silas Noah Callahan
    9. Lilleth Mariah Nicole Smith
    10. Maximillion Paul Jacobs

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