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Thread: Generation CAF

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    Generation CAF

    H: Felix, Jasper, Oscar, August, Dexter, Henry
    W: Beatrice, Cecily, Florence, Matilda, Alice, Clementine
    --S1: Father's name
    --D1: Adeline, Charlotte, Clara, Violet, Amelia, Cora
    --D2: Eleanor, Josephine, Ada, Hazel, Genevieve, Audrey
    --S2: Milo, Atticus, Oliver, Theodore, Arthur, Frederick
    --S3: Thomas, Nathaniel, Sebastian, Miles, Charles, Vincent
    --D3: Cordelia, Arabella, Imogen, Ivy, Anastasia, Mae

    * * * *

    W: Havilah, Talya, Michal, Cai, Caterina, Estella
    --D: Lilias, Rosita, Cinda, Ruth / MN Grandma's FN
    --D: FN Grandma's MN / Finnia, Maud, Marie, Lois
    --S: Father's name
    --S: Paul, Matt, Edmond, Earl, Stephen, Kenneth
    --S: Alphonse, Alex, Martin, Callen, Leonard, Slate

    * * * *

    H: Aldo, Hezekiah, Toby, Kingsley, Enzo, Elias
    --S: Honors Grandpa
    --S: Orson, Leland, Amos, Lyle, Harold, Asa

    * * * *

    H: Clay, Fisher, Murphy, Cedric, Thatcher, Archer
    --D: Lucy, Elizabeth, Penelope, Adelaide / MN Mother's MN

    * * * *

    W: Sylvia, Magdalena, Cadence, Kayla, Mirabelle, Vivica
    --D: Leonora, Araminta, Jemima, Beatrix, Perdita, Juniper
    --D: Lettice, Millie, Junia, Ione, Marigold, Clio
    --D: Roselyn, Candida, Fortunata, Lavender, Gwendolyn, Tabitha
    --S: Rupert, Laszlo, Finnian, Sylvester, Truman, Joss

    * * * *

    W: Rosie, Ana, Kira, Alyssa, Valerie, Ashton
    --S: Richard, Harry, James, Kelly / MN Father's FN
    --S: Alfred, Gordon, Ryan, Louis / MN Grandpa's FN
    --D: Louise, Mary, Eve, Irene, Helene, Victoria

    * * * *

    H: Pascal, Cillian, Montgomery, Baxter, Lysander, Jethro
    --S: Father's name
    --D: Honors Grandma
    --D: Wilhelmina, Agnes, Ginger, Viola / MN Mother's MN
    --S: Walter, Ignatius, Clark, Phineas, Rigby, Archibald
    --D: Millicent, Mabel, Dorothy, Ida / MN Mother's FN
    --D: Melody, Olympia, Celia, Edith, Gwyneth, Mary

    ~Married 5 July 2013~
    ~Squeaker 2 October 2015~

    Astrid, Beatrix, Cecilia, Esther, Freya, Henrietta, Ingrid, Jeanette, Lenore, Maeve, Octavia, Petra, Sabine, Talia, Ursula, Viola, Zelda
    Abraham, Cecil, Dashiell, Ewan, Flethcher, Gerard, Herschel, Jasper, Linus, Magnus, Orion, Pascal, Remy, Simon, Tristan, Ulrich, Vincent

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    DH: Henry Dexter Kaufman
    DW: Matilda Alice *Shaffer* Kaufman
    DS1: Henry Dexter Kaufman, Jr. "Dex"
    DD1: Charlotte Adeline Kaufman
    DS2: Frederick Arthur Kaufman "Fred"
    DS3: Thomas Charles Kaufman "Tom"
    DD3: Cordelia Mae Kaufman "Delia"

    DS1: Henry Dexter Kaufman, Jr. "Dex"
    DW: Talya Cai *Novak* Kaufman
    -DD: Ruth Matilda Kaufman "Ruthie"
    -DD: Alice Marie Kaufman "Ali"
    -DS: Henry Dexter Kaufman III "Trey"
    -DS: Kenneth Stephen Kaufman "Kenny"
    -DS: Callen Slate Kaufman "Cal"

    DD1: Charlotte Adeline *Kaufman* Tanner
    DH: Elias Kingsley Tanner
    -DS: Dexter Elias Tanner "Dex"
    -DS: Lyle Orson Tanner

    DD2: Ada Josephine *Kaufman* Reynolds
    DH: Archer Murphy Reynolds
    -DD: Lucy Josephine Reynolds

    DS2: Frederick Arthur Kaufman "Fred"
    DW: Sylvia Magdalena *Parker* Kaufman
    -DD: Leonora Juniper Kaufman "Nora"
    -DD: Millie Marigold Kaufman
    -DD: Roselyn Tabitha Kaufman "Rose"
    -DS: Finnian Truman Kaufman "Finn"

    DS3: Thomas Charles Kaufman "Tom"
    DW: Alyssa Valerie *Greene* Kaufman "Aly"
    -DS: James Thomas Kaufman "JT"
    -DS: Ryan Henry Kaufman
    -DD: Eve Helene Kaufman

    DD3: Cordelia Mae *Kaufman* Merritt "Delia"
    DH: Baxter Montgomery Merritt
    -DS: Baxter Montgomery Merritt, Jr. "BJ"
    -DD: Viola Mae Merritt
    -DS: Clark Archibald Merritt
    -DD: Millicent Cordelia Merritt "Millie"
    -DD: Edith Celia Merritt "Edie"

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    Boys: Bellamy | Bruno | Caspar | Jude | Kennedy | Kitt | Ludo | Samuel | Stellan | William | Xavier

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    James, Ezra, Theodore, Edward, Jude, Gabriel, Owen, Arthur, Miles, Nathaniel
    Eden, Adelaide, Matilda, Phoebe, Lydia, Ruby, Scarlett, Emilia, Madeleine

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