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Thread: Maternity Ward

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    Cair Paravel :)
    You, Ashley Marie are the new nurse at Open Arms's maternity ward. These are all the babies there. What are their names?

    1. Annabel Sofia Lucy
    2. Daniel Aidan Scott
    3. Penelope Alice Mei-Lin "Poppy"
    4. Henry Samuel John
    5. Clara Rachel Eve
    6. Nathan Abel Jeremiah
    7. Caroline Ava Monet "Callie"
    8. Joel Andrew Parker
    9. Hannah Lily Adele
    10. John Benjamin Lucas

    Annabel, Daniel, Poppy, Henry, Clara, Nathan, Callie, Joel, Hannah, and John.
    Ashley | namenerd | Christian | storyteller

    my most precious darlings:
    Isabelle Aurora Grace "Bella"Casper Nathaniel Eden "Cap"

    the little ladies:
    Eleni Charlotte JaneAnne-Louise EmmaGrace Odilia Camille
    Zoe ElowenClaire Mirabella

    the little gentlemen:
    Thomas Paolo BenjaminAndreas Jasper BenjaminDaniel Torin Elijah
    Jack AmauryDarby Daniel

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    You, Tessa Emily Parsons are the new nurse at New London's maternity ward. These are all the babies there. What are their names?

    1. Mackenzie Ruby Floyd, daughter of Dale and Laura Floyd
    2. Jackson Quincy Baldwin, son of John and Margaret Baldwin
    3. Avery Virginia Jenkins, daughter of Caleb and Mona Jenkins
    4. Aiden Matthew Stanley, son of Jeremy and Anna Stanley
    5. Rosalie Georgia Robinson, daughter of Thomas and Victoria Robinson
    6. Ryan Stone Lawrence, son of Warren and Stacy Lawrence
    7. Ariana Shea Conner, daughter of Lionel and Monique Conner
    8. Joseph Clarence Bridges, son of John and Kathryn Bridges
    9. Maya Giselle Oliver, daughter of Christopher and Lily Oliver
    10. Jesse Alexander Curtis, son of Adam and Jessica Curtis

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    my name- Micaela Rennick

    1. Stella Wish
    2. Ethan Micah
    3. Eliana Maya
    4. Levi David
    5. Madalie Pippa
    6. Ranger Spike
    7. Kanika Brea
    8. James Cole
    9. Evangeline Love
    10. Sebastian Knox

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    You, Eva Bernard are the new nurse at Yakima Valley Memorial Hospital's maternity ward. These are all the babies there. What are their names?

    1. Makenna Grace

    2. Austin James

    3. Shayla Nichole

    4. Emmett Hunter

    5. Anya Noel

    6. Grayson Gage

    7. Haven Danielle

    8. Conner Oliver

    9. Arkaydia Jayne

    10. Caleb Franklin

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