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    Smile Best Friend's Names

    So, today I was hanging with my friends and (being the name-nerd I am) I realized I love their names! They're all so pretty. What are your best friend's names? Do you think their name fits them? I have so many friends who's names' don't seem like them so i was just wondering, thanks!

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    My bff's name is Rachel. I know its pretty common but I really like the name, it suits her personality to a T, lol. I used to have a few old friends back when I was little with the names Zarina, Nova, Ashley, and Clarissa. We were a very interesting group!

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    I love thinking about this kind of thing, too! My best friend's name is Christina, but all her friends call her Chrissy. She is extremely hyper and energetic, and I think the name Chrissy suits her perfectly. She does prefer to be called Christina by adults, though (we're still in high school ), which shows her refined and sophisticated side. LOL, nice topic! What are your best friends' names?

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    Throughout my life, I have been close friends with many people named Michelle (sometimes spelled Michele). I think it's a really pretty name. It's also very versatile so I think it suited them all!

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    Over the years my best friends have been:
    Ashley- This nam really fit her
    Tessa- Suited her to the T
    Nichole- Very much so
    Miriam- Not a fan of the name, but I think she pulled it off
    Meghan- I can picture other names on her, but I think other names would have fitted her better
    Elizabeth- She's not an elizabeth at all. I call her anything but this! Lizzy, Liz, Zabby, JD/Bambi (Scrubs reference nickname)
    finally Robert- All of his close friend's called him Rob except me. He's just plainly a Robert.

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